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Jump Movie Review (2009)

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Thank you Buena Vista / Sony Pictures for the tickets.

Least info could be find for this movie, Jump in English. Directed by Stephen Fung and produced by Stephen Chow Shing Chi, the movie revolved around actress Kitty Zhang Yuqi.

I have least expectation about this movie. I heard the reviews were good, so I wished for the best. The story revolved Phoenix (Kitty) who was a village girl who dreamt of working in thecity. Upon reaching the city, Phoenix stumbled across something she would die for, hip hop dancing. With some luck, Phoenix managed to work in a dance school as a janitor. From there, she met her prince charming who was the most influential businessman in China. Will the prince charming look upon her and will she manage to be a dancer? Watch it yourself!

Overall, we did enjoy the movie. If you are looking for a deep and complicated storyline, this might not be the right movie. However, if you looking for a comedy with a bit of romance, this would be a perfect choice. To be frank, I would rate this as one of the most enjoyable Hong Kong movie of the year. This was one of the more proper Hong Kong movie that’s worth seeing. The hip hop dancing sequence were nothing but awesome. Not to mention the nice composition works in the movie. Kitty did quite an amazing role in the movie, so did Stephen Fung! Amazing!

I would highly rate this at 4/5 stars (Good and Recommended). This is Recommended!

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