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Pizza Hut – Crunchy Crunch Cheesy Bites Pizza

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Pizza Hut – Crunchy Crunch Cheesy Bites Pizza

Pizza Hut needs no introduction as we grew up having pizzas at Pizza Hut.

Early last week I was invited by my makan kaki Chris Tock to attend for a food tasting session at Pizza Hut Maju Junction outlet. Before this, it has been donkey years since I visited them. It was to try out one of their latest menu, crunchy cheesy bites pizza.

When they mentioned king prawn, they meant it. Check out the size of the prawn, on top of the pizza, Marvelous!

Unlike normal pizzas that have a smooth round crust, the new pizza is cut around the edges, creating bite-size pieces all around its crust.The cornflakes makes them crunchy on the outside and the cheese soft in the inside, giving the pizza its unique crunchy-cheesy eating experience. To add to this innovative delight is a scrumptious bed of eight tempura prawns.

These pieces are filled with crunchy cornflakes and stuffed with an exquisite blend of three of the world’s most famous cheeses – Mozzarella, Parmesan and Cheddar.

“You just pick up a piece, pop it into the mouth, crunch it and enjoy the delicious crunch cheesy bites,” said Tuan Haji Jamaludin Md Ali, managing director of QSR Brands Bhd, the operator of Pizza Hut, in Kuala Lumpur.

“It is a unique, exciting and fun stuffed crust cheesy pizza eating experience that young people in particular will enjoy very much and appreciate.”

A regular Crunch Cheesy Bites Pizza costs RM27.50 and a large one RM37.40.

For group dining there are set combo meals for RM30.90 for two persons and for RM45.90 for four persons that includes garlic bread, soup and 7Up Revive.

Customers buying it a la carte for dine-in or takeaway using Maybankard are entitled to a 30% discount.

Crunchy Cheesy Bites Pizza is now available at all Pizza Hut restaurants in the country for a limited period only, from now till 4 December 2009.

Pizza Hut is spending more than RM2 million on advertising and promotion for its launch, including TV and radio commercials, press advertisements, teasers, in-store promotions and point-of-sale materials.

It is also having a Watch & Win Contest for customers with attractive prizes to be won.

Participants are required to arrange the six frames shown in the new pizza’s television commercial that appears on TV, Pizza Hut’s website, YouTube and Facebook in their correct sequence.

There are four grand prizes of a Panasonic Plasma TV each, four first prizes of an iPhone each, four second prizes of a Acer Notetbook each and four third prizes of a Panasonic Limix Digital Camera each and many consolation prizes.

Pizza Hut is the biggest pizza restaurant chain in the country with over 200 outlets offering dine-in, takeaway, pick-up, delivery and online ordering services.

Crunchy Crust Super Supreme Pizza

The colourful thin crust pizza was one of my favourites. I loved thin crust pizza than the usual ones.

Sweet and Spicy Wings

Sweet and spicy wings were amazingly addictive.  Crunchy on the outside and wrapped with the sweet and spicy sauce. Something to look for especially for starters!

Smoke Deli Wings

When I was told the process of making the deli wings, I was stunned. Such a simple dish has gone through so much of delicate work and efforts.

Prawn Olio Spaghetti

Meat Ball Bolognaise

The meat ball bolognaise was one to mention. Little did I mention about how many crappy bolognaise I had in town and surprisingly, a good one comes from Pizza hut. It was nicely done with tasty meat balls, not too sour and not too sloppy. It was nicely done.

Lawrence Ding (Vice President of Pizza Hut Malaysia).

We had a long conversation with him about some of the issues that I had when I was patronizing a Pizza Hut outlet a few years ago. He was such a humble guy who sat down and took time to talk to us. He also took some of our ideas to consideration. And also thanks to him, for organizing such a great food tasting session that we enjoyed to the fullest.

Me, Chris, Jess and Ken

The wonderful night ended with lots of laughters and memories to be kept. It was one of the best food tasting we had in recent time. Again, thanks to Chris, we were able to cherish the friendship we have. And also thanks for the surprise birthday cake and everything that you all have done for me.

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