February 1, 2023

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Planet 51 Movie Review

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The first movie for PlacesAndFoods.com will be no other than Planet 51. Congratulations to La Netro Zed for their first feature animation movie.

Today, we were invited to watch a special VIP EXCLUSIVE Preview of Planet 51 in Pavilion. The screening date is Nov 19th, so we got to watch it almost 2 weeks earlier!

Starring Dwane “THE ROCK” Johnson, along with Jessica Biel and Sean Scott Williams, this movie was no lacked of superstars!

The movie started off when American astronaut Captain Charles “Chuck” Baker lands on Planet 51. The green aliens were taken alert when a human alien landed on the their planet. While the green aliens were tracking Charles, Charles needed to find a way to get back to his space craft. With the help of a teenage alien and his probe, Rover, the adventure begins!

Look out for Rover and its antics. Quite a few scenes were very funny. The story and plot was predictable but the journey to the ending was unpredictable. Wait for more ending after credits!

The movie itself was a good family entertaining movie. Animations and the graphics were very well done. Hollywood stuff! Story was not that bad either, a comedy adventure that the kids will love. Trust me on this!

Ratings: Overall 3.5/5

4 thoughts on “Planet 51 Movie Review

  1. ohh wow, you’ve watched it?! i have no idea whether or not to watch this movie because it didn’t give me the feeling which shouts ‘AWESOME’ like ‘Up’, you know.. But I suppose I’ll be adding this to ‘must-not-forget-to-watch-after-exams’ list. =)

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