February 9, 2023

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My First 4×4 Experience in Slim River for Larut Hill 2009 4×4 Challenge

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Posted and Written by Rachel Ting.

First of all, I would like to thank Oris Watches for the sponsoring myself, Rachel Ting and Adeline Ng to compete at the Larut Hill 2009 4×4 Challenge. This is the 3rd year of the race and we are the only ladies team for this year’s event. I knew from Wilson that Oris Watches had been sponsoring the 4×4 race 2 years consecutively. However we never got the chance to be part of it except that Wilson was there to record the event. So when he asked me if I would like to take part in this year race, without hesitation I say “YES!!”.

To prepare ourselves, training is crucial. Last Sunday, we were introduced to our racing car, Suzuki Vitara 4×4 1.6l Manual (what a beauty) and the team manager, Stiven Sim (pic), a seasoned 4×4 specialist. He took us and a few drivers to Slim River’s jungle where he gave us a taste of what 4×4 driving is all about.

After an hour of driving, we arrived at the breathtaking forest of Slim River.

I droved all the way from KL to Slim River, the car didn’t have air condition, and the exhaust pipe was crazily loud, reminding me of our pink color Bas Mini that I used to take. Before we make our way into the jungle, we were joined by other 4×4 enthusiasts from Ipoh.

Already not too far from the start of the track, I was stuck in a muddy situation. Struggled, struggled…

Thanks to Stiven’s quick response, he came down and gave us instructions of overcoming this situations. Most importantly, he told us not to panic and adjust our manouvering and we manage to pull ourselves through.

Off we go after excaping ourselves from the irritating mud.

We made our first stop next to Slim River (what a enchanting sight).

Many might not know, we Malaysians should be proud of the nature we have here. The view was refreshing. Instantly feel like jumping into the river and swim.

Stiven Sim, briefing the group on a big obstacle ahead of us. He says to everyone, “Do not step on the break as you are crossing, just press the excellarator and move ahead.”

Boy oh boy..breath in breath out..

Stiven cross the stream first, we were second. Half way through, you can feel the current is hitting and all we were doing was yelling to ourselves “GO GO GO, DON’T STOP!.

hewgh…what a relief and a sense of achievement.

We were so glad we were able to get through the stream (as you can see!) High Five! Good job! clap clap…

Unfortunately, there was a couple driving Daihatsu Feroza 4×4 that didn’t make it. Worse still, the clutch of his car got burn due to inproper controlling during his odeal crossing. Stiven had to tow the couple’s car out from the stream. After discussing, the couple agree to leave their car in a shade and hop onto another driver’s car, and so we continue our journey.

The next obstacle was this high slope of mud trail. It didn’t look very high and difficult from this picture, but TRUST ME, is HARD!!

After crossing the stream, I swithced with Adeline and it was Adeline’s turn to drive. Stiven here is giving Adeline instruction on how to drive up the difficult slope.

As usual Stiven drove up first, sort of leaving us the trail to follow. When Adeline tried for the 1st attempt, it was hard, the car was swerving left and right, before you knew it, we got stuck. The only way is to go down and try again.

Stiven says we didn’t maintain our RPM, he says must make sure we were hitting on the low gear, hit the excellarator all the way and manouver the sterring wheel. Adeline tried again, and….

After the 3rd failed attempt, Adeline switch with me, it was very tiring to be repeating this 3 times! I too didn’t make it, I did what was asked to do, but I guess beginner’s luck run out.

Finally, technician Ah Wai came to our rescue and told us to hang on and don’t reverse down.

And Ah Wai hooked our car to Stiven’s and we got pulled up.

See! We were so close to reaching the top!! argh..

Stiven was very thoughful and a good motivator. He immediately pointed out our mistake and told us not to give up.

As we drove further in, we passed through the Orang Asli villages, which was quite a reasonable community of them . The state government built quite a number of new houses for them (not in picture). Kudos to the state government!

It was raining when we got to the camp site. Stiven and Ah Wai manage to set the tent quickly and soon followed by lunch.

Adeline is preparing “sunny side up” for the the everyone, there were choices of food like nasi lemak (with Adeline’s special prepared eggs), steamed sausages and maggi noodle prepare by Janice (pic). It brought me back to the days when I went for Outward Bound camp.

One of the couple brought their portable mini bike with them, knowing I am very KIASU, I quickly hop onto the bike and start to play around with it.

It was fun riding it, is just like the real motobike except that you can’t have another pillion rider.

See how heavy was Wilson, I think he was using his leg to paddle than was actually riding it. TIME TO LOOSE THOSE POUNDS LIKE I ALWAYS TOLD U!!

Wilson riding on the mini bike. Gosh, with him on the bike, the bike appears to be even smaller. =P

Adeline posing with the bike.

Me and Wilson with the car for the Larut Hill 4×4 Challenge.

Me and Adeline.

Girl Power!

More pictures!

Thanks to Oris Watches and 4x4Malaysia.com.my, we had a first great taste of 4×4 driving and overall it was truly an amazing experience I cannot describe but to say “YOU GOT TO TRY THIS!”

Posted and Written by Rachel Ting

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