June 17, 2024


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Recommended Thai Food at Thai Pan Delights, Kuchai Lama Entrepreneur Park

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Words could not describe my love upon Pandan Chicken – RM8.50 for 6 pcs. As simple as it looks, its quite hard to find one with good balance. Not too oily, and well marinated without too salty. Luckily, they served quite a decent Thai Pandan chicken. We ordered twice!

The Thai fish cake RM8.50 for 6 pcs were probably the lesser “devil”. Personally, I felt this was average.

Pomelo Salad – RM6 must not be missed for pomelo lover. It was a quite unique dish not to mention.

Thai Pineapple fried rice – RM 7.80 was also one of my favourites. Usually, I will order pineapple fried rice, if I would dine in a Thai restaurant. Here, the fried rice was nicely done. Nothing to complain!

Stir Fried Kangkung With Belacan – RM7.50

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  1. Hahaha at J2Kfm’s comment – I agree, the signboard could use a sprucing up. Am intrigued by the look of the pineapple fried rice – usually I stay AWAY from this dish when dining Thai but I am somehow drawn to try this. And what great prices!

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