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Beautiful Scenic Pak Meng Beach at Trang, Thailand

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*Written by Rachel Ting*

We had never travel to Pak Meng beach of Trang, Thailand. Trang is a town located in the south of Krabi and north of Hadyai and the southern part of Thailand are mainly populated by Muslims.

Pak Meng beach is one of the popular beaches in Trang. If you noticed the 2 sign boards above, the sign reads Tsunami Evacuation center. Sadly, Pak Meng beach was also one of the effected area of the Tsunami back then.

During high tides, the sandy beach area will be covered by sea water. And the tiny little black mark you see that are scattered around here are actually lil crabs! (Alot huh?..)

The long streach of Pak Meng beach overlooks few of other smaller islands off Trang with clear blue sky above. Don’t this resemble a postcard?

Stools along the beach area of Pak Meng beach where people can come over during evening, chill by the beach with pina coladas maybe?

We stayed in Pak Meng beach area when we were in Trang. Advantage about staying in Pak Meng beach is, it is near to the jetty, therefore island hopping tours as well as the snorkeling tours are available. We spend our Christmas there and it was pretty quiet, perhaps it is not a big celebration for the locals and Trang is still not known by alot of people. Perhaps if you are looking for a scenery like this and a quiet getaway, this is an ideal place for you.

Pak Meng beach can be reached approx. 2 hours drive from Krabi airport.

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