February 1, 2023

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Tiger Beer Year Of Tiger Media Event with Joey Yap

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*Written by Wilson Ng*

Finally I got my sleep after a few hectic days of working and also time for blogging. Luckily, my streamyx connection was good enough for me to finish this one quick. I loved working on events like this. Great clients, great place and as always great event! It was the Tiger Beer’s Year Of Tiger Media Event with Joey Yap at KL Live, Life Center, Kuala Lumpur.

How to determine a great entrance? “Tiger girls”… Roarrrr!! Very “Ang”! Red that night!

Another shot of the “Tiger girls” that night. Different angle.

“Tiger girl” Sharon at the entrance.

xxx posing. I forgot her name again, she’s gonna kill me.

Me and the other “Tiger girls” camwhoring.

3 “Tiger girls” posing in front of the lovely Tiger Beer backdrop.

Look who’s around? Chris Tock, Jackie Loi, Joshua Ong, Jessica Tan and me camwhoring near the entrance of KL Live.

More bloggers! Chris, Hikaru, buddy Jenkin Yat, CopyKate, Jessica, Jackie, Joshua and me in front of the backdrop.

Camwhore session as the above add Flora, Yap Thomas and Kristine. Awesome!

Another gang picture!

I’ve seen lion dance throughout my life but this was the first time I was the Tiger dance. Check out the head, they are the only few in Malaysia that’s doing the Tiger dance. Tiger dance ROAR!!

The VIPs toasting the crowd with “Tigers”.

One of the top Feng Shui master in the country, Master Joey Yap. He gave a few tips for the crowd and they loved him. He was good with his jokes as well.

A new friend and Ester Ng was there as well.

A few selected bloggers were invited on stage, Chris, Joshua and Yap Thomas. Well, they didn’t win the main prize but got themselves a few crates of lovely Tiger Beer. Yap Thomas pretending a tiger “xxxx”??

I left early due to work. I worked till morning after that. The event was awesome. There were also performance by songstress Candy and also the lucky draw. Thanks again for the amazing party event. Thanks Tiger Beer!

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