January 29, 2023

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Fine Dining at Happening, Puetro Madero, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA

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*Written by Wilson Ng*

Puetro Madero is a scenic waterfront area in Buenos Aires. We had a dinner at one of the “fine dining” restaurants there, Happening.

Please click the video to the Youtube link and select 1080p for FULL HD experience. Video is shot in 1080p FULL HD Format.

The entrance of the lovely restaurant. From outside, the restaurant looks really lovely. Tables and chairs and the area was very clean.

The common starters for most of the Argentinian restaurants, breads in the basket. Different variations differs from one to another outlet. Sometimes, they would have olive oil or vinegar for this. Sometimes, they only serve plain breads in the basket. One thing for sure, Argentinian serving time is relatively slow compare to our Malaysian serving time. Our dish came around 10pm!

Not sure about the name. The starter was the sweet bread topped with cheese and sugar. It was hard on the top layer and chewy.

Beef ribs was grilled to perfect timing. The grill here are often dry but they maintain the tenderness of the meat. Portion is usually huge.

Grilled salmon fish was not so “happening” after all. Even though it was nicely cook but it didn’t have a significant difference than the usual grilled salmon fish.

Roask pork with orange and beer. As I read this in the menu, my curiosity made me order this dish. Then, only I realised that it’s the common roast pork with extra toppings of orange and beer. The taste was decent, nothing to shout about. Food presentation as usual was good.

In general, the best part of Happening would be the amazing scenic view of Puetro Madero. The food was generally decent to my own preferences. The place is more expensive than the usual restaurants in Buenos Aires. That’s why the service was top class. One weird thing I noticed was, the started their dinner as late as 10 pm. Today, I went to another restaurant and the guest only came in at 11pm! It’s sort of like their culture, maybe. Anyways, more will come soon as I travel daily to different locations of Argentina and Chile!


Avenida Alicia Moreau de Justo 310,
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires?,
Puetro Madero

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