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The 4×4 World Explorer Patagonia Antartica Expedition

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*Written by Wilson Ng*

On 27th this month, I will be flying to Argentina for a 4×4 World Explorer Patagonia Antartica Expedition. I will be flying via Malaysia Airlines. The cheapest airline to go to Argentina in ASEAN.

This will be my furthest working trip since New York on 2007 for Maybelline. Yet, this expedition is made possible by the amazing team of 4x4worldexplorer.com.

Well, going to Argentina will be as exciting as I could imagine. Firstly, the city of Buenos Aires.

Picture courtesy of http://mrtours.files.wordpress.com

This is Buenos Aires, I will try to take as much pictures as possible. Not to mention, video in Full HD format. The organizer might arranged internet connection for me so I could update PlacesAndFoods.com in Argentina!

Picture courtesy of http://tourismpics.com/patagonia-photos

What is Patagonia? This will be what I will be going thru. I had to get winter gears for this! I heard we will visit places like the glaziers and such. The journey is considered as the most loneliness highway in the world!

Picture courtesy of http://cape-horn.net

Lastly, we will stop at the most southern city in the world, Argentina’s Ushaia. A place popular for European tourists for its casino and scenery. From there, I might fly over to Antartica by plane or ride it by cruise. I leave it up to the organizers.

As excited as I could be, its only 20 days left. There’s so many things I haven’t buy yet. Winter clothings, boots, gloves, goggles as well a Spanish Dictionary.

This will be an adventure of lifetime. Driving to the most southern part of the world as well as experiencing Antartica.

Thanks for reading!

For more information about the trip, please visit 4x4worldexplorer.com

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