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The Wat Palaelaiwonwiharn Temple at Suphan Buri, Thailand

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*Written by Wilson Ng*

This place is quite scarce and its located at Suphan Buri. This visit was arranged by  TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) back in last September. This was the 3rd day of our trip. After having our breakfast, we hopped to our van and we brought this temple in Suphan Buri.

When the sign reads Thai only, you know its not exposed to tourists yet.  The sign should reads Wat Palaelaiwonwiharn. Even though it’s just a sign, but it was nicely done, look at the handwork.

The scene of the whole temple. It was a sunny day indeed and the sun was scorching hot. Well, hot sun and means good for picture!

The entrance… of the temple. The other side of the temple were renovating at that time. I guess they were upgrading the temple.

Me inside of the temple. The ceiling was very high. Please see the picture below.

The huge buddha statue with the prayers. The ceiling was very high and the buddha statue was enormous.

Smaller buddha statues were located the outside of the temple. Prayers then sticked the thin gold papers onto the statues.

The place was quite popular with the locals. It was quite packed when we were there, quite a number of prayers.

We were there for less than 1/2 hour. I walked around took some photos.

A new place to visit in Suphan Buri, the Wat Palaelaiwonwiharn. I wonder how it looks like now, after the renovation. Thank you, TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) for the trip.

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  1. your shots are really cool.. i love the temple ones – feel very calming like you are protected by the Buddha behind you!

    anyway happy 2010 to you and Rachel and welcome back:D

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