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Thai Seafood Lunch at Ku La Kasai Restaurant Krabi Thailand

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Thai Seafood Lunch at Ku La Kasai Restaurant, Krabi, Thailand


Last year was a good year for PlacesAndFoods.com, we had spent some quality times to travel around. For those who have not visited Krabi before, let me introduce a Thai farm restaurant from my recent trip to Krabi.

The name was Ku la Kasai Restaurant and it was located a stone away from the Krabi airport. The place was quite popular with the local tour guides due to its distance from the airport and its food.

Well, the restaurant sat on top of a fish pond and it was fully constructed with woods. It had the view of the fish pond with the backdrop of the Krabi landscape.

We started off with Beancurd with crab meat. The dish was slightly thick and starchy. The plate came with a generous amount of crab meat. I loved this, the rest had mixed reviews on this.

Fried prawn with flour. This was very similar to the ones we have back in Malaysia, Cucur Udang. One must not forget, there’s quite a number of Muslim stayed in Krabi.

Fried fish with hot sweet sauce. The fish had a  crispy outer layer and soft in the inner layer. Hence, the meat was tender and not overcooked. This was good!

Tom Yum Soup with seafood. Seafood must be cheap in Krabi! The bowl came with a generous amount of seafood such as squids and prawns. Luckily, the soup was not too spicy or else it would overwhelm the taste of the soup.

Mango salad anyone?


Lastly, we had the stir fried mixed vegetables as the last dish of our lunch. The food was pretty good. Since this was pre-arranged by our tour guide, I couldn’t give the pricing for this. The service was good and the place was windy with the mini lake view.

Yeah that’s us! 8 of us to be precise after the heavy lunch.

Rachel and our friends.

The girls of our trip, it was their first trip to Krabi.

The whole group of friends to Krabi and I was the unofficial tour guide.


Well, this picture was taken when we were walking our way out.


Overall, the place was huge. Built up on a small pond. The food in general was good. Loved the Tom Yum soup in particular. The service was good as well. Kept refilling our water and changing our plates. Price wise, we were not sure as it was packaged in our tour. A place to consider while touching down in Krabi Airport.

Ku La Kasai Restaurant Address and Contact:

165 M. 6, Klong Cholpratarn RD.

Pakasai, Nua Klong, Krabi 81130

Tel: 075-691445, 084-7440119

The Map:

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