December 8, 2023


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I Lost 4kg with Trois International Keto Essentials Diet

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I Lost 4kg with Trois International Keto Essentials Diet

Well, I tried to keep this in dark for a while. Yes, I have been going thru a diet called Keto diet for more than 3 weeks. The results so far is 4kg +- . While many might wonder what is this Keto diet all about? It’s actually a protein diet, very similar to Atkin’s diet.

So how does it work?

I bought a month’s pack of Trois International worth RM 1,340.oo 3 weeks ago. They gave a 8 days money back guaranteed.The month’s pack comes with a month of supplement pack. The supplement pack consists of chocolate and dark chocolate flavoured drink. I am supposed to have 3 supplement packs a day, before my meals.

So did it work on the first 8 days?

Yes, it did. I lost around 1kg plus for the first 8 days. My body took quite a while to respond to the diet so it didn’t impress me.

How does Trois Keto Essentials work?

With Trois Keto Essentials, I am allowed to eat all sort of meats, seafood and egg with recommended plain water. Not even chinese tea, coffee or fruit juices. I had been feeding on plain water for more than 3 weeks for now. For food wise, pure meat. Ranging from KFC to Bak Kut Teh. Since I never like vegetables, this diet is really suitable for me. Carbs like bread, rice and noodle is a big no no. To make things clearer to me, the package includes Keto test sticks. I am needed to test the test sticks with my urine every night after 2 hours of my last meal. There are color coded guide for it. If I cheated or ate wrongly, the stick will show no colour. I had been feeding on my favourite bacon and egg as breakfast for days, will keep on going. Water is another key area. Drink more water means more cleansing. Another great thing about this is you can eat how many meals you like but never starve!

So far after weeks, I lost around 4kg. Yet, results are not really can be seen. Maybe I’m too fat after all. I will go on for another month and see how it goes. Anyhow, it’s a good thing to start 2010!

Feeling healthier and more energize! Will keep it up!

Thanks for Reading!!

0 thoughts on “I Lost 4kg with Trois International Keto Essentials Diet

  1. hi,wilson!im nini.tisis my 2nd day of trois program.i dun feel hungry maybe is because of the keto essentials.but i really feel hard cos cannot hav any fruit and vege..every meal jus meat or eggs and seafoood..!can u giv me some opinion?cos i need slim down bout 8kg frm now,tats mean i need take 1 month usage,but i cant imagine tat how to did confuse laa..furthemore,will tis program impact on health?

  2. nini, to lost 8 kg in 1 month I think it is too much. How could I possible to do? just wonder.

    I think you need more than 2 months supply. I was a keto essential user, my body didnt slim down that much after 1 month even I stick on to the diet diligently; NO SUGAR, NO CARBO, NO FRUITS, NO VEGE…. Good luck.

  3. Hey guys! i’ve tried this before and i lost 5 kgs in 8 days ok! drink lots and lots of water for fast results! serious! i kid u not!

  4. Hi, Im researching for this product as it has been a topic around me and my friends. So now after so many months, did your weight bounce back after you stop taking it?

    1. Well, it didn’t bounce back after I stop taking it. But the problem is how I eat. Once I starting to eat Chocolates, Ice Creams and Sugars, I did increase back my weight by a little, but not much. I’m still weight under my actual size. There’s no one to blame but myself.

      I am going to start again the program soon. Want to lost a few more kgs before my pre wedding photo shooting. Can’t wait to lose more weight!

  5. Hi,
    I’m interesting in this product. But i have serious asthmatic and DR advise not to take tablets or chemical products without his permission. I went to a slimming centre before and cost me Rm6000++ but my weight bounce back after i stop 1 month.
    I wanna a diet products can help me loss weight 2kg and not costing cause I’m a housewife.
    Thank you.

  6. I like the test stick to see if you’re cheating or not.

    What a great idea.

    Never heard of something like that with one of these diet programs.

    Provides a form of feedback that perhaps helps modify the dieter’s eating behavior in a positive way

  7. This looks like an interesting plan to follow. I like to have something that has a real structure and plan to make me feel I’m achieving. I’m going to try and find out some more.

  8. Your Article about I Lost 4kg with Trois International Keto Essentials Diet | Places and Foods – Malaysia Travel and Food Blog Very good visual appeal on this site, I’d rate it 10 10.

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