February 7, 2023

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Amazing Empanadas at La Saltenita, El Bolson, Rio Negro, Patagonia, ARGENTINA

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I realized something when I’m traveling in Argentina. Small town has good food. Seriously. Our unprecedented stop at El Bolson for petrol forced us a quick bite. El Bolson is in the Rio Negro region of Patagonia. Patagonia itself is huge, we had been traveling for days at Route 40, Patagonia Argentina.

Luckily, near the petrol station we found a shop selling Empanadas. Empanadas are Latin American pastry stuffed with fillings, with the skin quite similar to our Malaysian curry puff skin.

They have lots of varieties of the empanadas on the shelf.

We ordered the beef meat, onion, potato, egg and spicy spring onion.

It’s amazingly delicious. They only served hot empanadas so we waited 15 min for our fresh empanadas. Like I mentioned, it was delicious. The meat was tender and the combination of the onion, potato and hot spring onion was amazing.

The lady boss with the fresh empanadas fillings. We ordered 3 dozens at the end of the day. A dozen cost 42 pesos, (US 11). Food in Argentina is not that cheap compare to Malaysia. To me, the empanadas was damn worth it!



7 thoughts on “Amazing Empanadas at La Saltenita, El Bolson, Rio Negro, Patagonia, ARGENTINA

  1. ya lor, empanadas are like giant curry puffs! did i say that I am so jealous you’re there… well, i’ll say it again, i’m so jealous! haha.. hmm.. must go look for empanadas for lunch oredi .. 😛

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