July 21, 2024


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Dirt Desert of Barrancas, Neuquen,Patagonia, ARGENTINA

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I never could imagine Argentina could be so beautiful. Well, that’s a hint of what I will be posting once I’m back to Kuala Lumpur in March. Another good news I got today is I might be going to Uruguay after all. I will not be joining the other group to Rio for the annual “samba parade”, instead I will stick to my plan to go to Uruguay, fingers crossed.

Back to the story, after leaving Malargue and on our way to Neuquen, I was fascinated by the dirt desert along the loneliest highway in the world, Highway Route 40.

Somewhere in the harsh desert, there’s a town by the name of barrancas.

The town is really small and most of the inner roads are gravel roads.

The church of Barrancas. Population of the town probably in a few hundreds, seriously.

The mountains around Barrancas. We drove along such scenery for hours.

With the background of the mountains, Barrancas though lonely and hot,  its a worth to mention town. I won’t be free to update as I want, more to come soon, probably on the next few days. Argentina is a wonder. They have big city, huge lake, nice mountains and now harsh dessert.

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