May 31, 2023

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Argentina’s Tango Artist, Guillermo Alio

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Argentina’s Tango Artist, Guillermo Alio

There’s a lot of tango dancers and artists in Argentina but finding the best of both world is not easy. Luckily, I found one by the name of Guillermo Alio in La Boca. La Boca is one of the places you couldn’t miss in Buenos Aires. Rich by history itself, I went to La Boca with my friend Shakhira. La Boca is also the home for the world renowned football team, Boca Juniors.

Unlike the city of Buenos Aires, La Boca simply different. Different in the sense of its history and its buildings. The most visible difference will be the color of the buildings. Walking in La Boca like going to another part of the world. The buildings are colorful, the street is filled with stalls, paint artists, restaurants, shops, tourists and tango artists. After we had our lunch with tango performances in one of the restaurant in La Boca, we walked around window shopping.

As we walked past one of the stalls, we were greeted by a smiling artist who brought us into his shop.

Little did we know, he is Guillermo Alio, the Argentina’s renowned Tango Artist. The humble artist show us some of his work and also his passion upon tango. Later on, he showed us that he was even mentioned by CNN and many other news agency by his passion in art and tango.

As the conversation between us got deeper, he was happy to know that we are Malaysians. In fact, he worked with Asha Gill on a project before. What are the odds of that?

Some of his masterpieces in his shop.

A recognition of his passion.

His workplace. Many great masterpieces of art is created here.

Showing his talents to us. This is what we call a true artist. Hands free drawing, video is in HD.

After the lengthy conversation with him, I bought a small replica masterpiece from him. I truly admire his work and his passion and not forgetting his friendliness.

Well, why not a Tango pose picture with Shakhira?

And lastly, a picture with me. He insisted us to wear a hat, he told me we will look better. We had great time chatting with him, meeting him was a blessing with disguise.

Please do check out his website at or just hop into his studio at Magallanes 859, La Boca, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA.

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