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Stir Fried Shark Meat at Henkey, Balakong

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My parents had been telling me a good place to eat fish in Taman Putra Budiman in Balakong for the past few days. Last Sunday, I decided to treat them and my in-laws for the “Chap Goh Meh” dinner there. Though the place falls under Balakong but its only a stone away from Gita Bayu. They moved from Chan Sow Lin area years ago. They moved after the construction of the SMART highway.

It’s not one of the fancy restaurants in town. It’s just a small non airconditioned restaurant in one of the housing estate shoplots.

We started off with the Stir Fried Long Beans with Roast Pork (Chinese style). The long beans were huge and crunchy and the taste was somehow decent.

Then it was the “Tau Kan” (Beancurd) with Fish Paste (Meat). Fish paste was done in a smooth and tender manner. Taste was decent, nothing to shout about.

“Lam Yue” style Roast Pork was next. Came together with chilli sauce, the pork was well marinated and deep fried to perfection. This was good.

Fried Chicken Wings with Salted Eggs is one of their specialties. Raw food materials are often vital and important for preparing a dish. Well, sadly the salted eggs they got were not the best as it was the Chinese New Year period so the chicken did not have much taste of the salted eggs.

It was nicely fried with hints of salted eggs. I don’t blame them for it, I blame the salted eggs.

The star of the night will be the special appearance of the shark meat. Stir Fried Shark Meat. My previous encounter with shark meat was when I was holidaying in Melaka for holiday 20 over years ago.
Shark meat is often harsh and hard so I used to have fried shark meat which is almost as hard and chewy as rubber. To my surprise, the stir fried shark meat was awesomely good.
The meat was tender and soft and stir fried well with hints of hot “chili padis” small size chilis. This was the star of the dinner, it was really good.

The place is usually packed during lunch hour. Price was reasonable, came to around RM 157 for 8 of us. I found the shark meat was interesting where the rest was decent. Service was excellent and the lady boss is a nice person to talk to.

Please do call them upfront to check out what other fish they have. Shark meats might not be available at all times, please do call them first to avoid disappointment. I enjoyed the shark meat. Thanks for reading.

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