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Taiping’s Best Hotel, Flemington Hotel

Taiping had a new hotel to their addition in 2009, the Flemington Hotel. Located opposite the popular Taiping Lake, Flemington Hotel was the official hotel for the 2009 4×4 Larut Hill International Challenge.

The Flemington Hotel has one of the best view of the Taiping lake in Taiping.

The room itself is spacious, with LCD TV and modern looking carpet. There’s also a small chair with a small round coffee table by the large glass window. Not forgetting there’s a work table with a nice leather chair.

The room itself was clean and there wasn’t any stain on the carpet or anywhere in the room.

The toilet is designed with a modern touch without a bathtub. Though the space is limited, but it is well utilized.

The view of the lake from my room on the 2nd floor is good enough for me. I enjoyed my 2 nights stays there. The service was good and air conditioner was working well. No issue for me.

Hotel Flemington is arguably the latest and biggest hotel in Taiping, Perak in 2009. It is walking distance to the Taiping Lake as well as the famous Taiping Zoo. The hotel is also nearby to food courts and a few min drive to the town.

Hotel Flemington Room Rates:

I was told that our room rates were less than RM 200. The exact figure is not known but to me it was very reasonable. Worth every penny spent.

Hotel Flemington Contact & Address:

No. 1, Jalan Samanea Saman,
34000 Taiping,
Perak D.R.,

Telephone: +605-820-7777
Fax: +605-808-0177
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.flemingtonhotel.com.my

Hotel Flemington Map:

View Flemington Hotel in a larger map

0 thoughts on “Taiping Best Hotel Flemington Hotel

  1. wow! taiping has such a glam hotel now! i have never been to taiping before but i think chances of me going there are higher now, will definitely pick this hotel if i am there.
    .-= xin´s last blog ..XXXL Teh Ais Anyone? =-.

  2. Awesome!! Stayed there in April and am so proud of my Taiping đŸ™‚
    especially liked the deco..

  3. stayed there for 5 nights. here is the comments:

    pros: env quite clean, it is modern design.

    1. lack of hotel staff, sometime the room service was not provided after few calls. just seeing 1 security guard doing patrolling at night, few hundred customer with only 1 or 2 patrol guards?
    2. bad attitude of some of staffs. not sure if those are foreigners, who cannot speak malay and english.
    3. lack of car park lots, with over 100 rooms, only around 20 car park lots provided!
    4.sound-proofing of hotel room is terribly bad, we only manage to get sleep after 2am every night because it just simply too noisy!

    1. Thank you for your comments Tan. I bet my readers would love your experiences in this hotel.

      Have a great Chinese New Year!

    2. Hi,

      I agree with Tan, that this hotel is simply mediocre in the services that they provide. Everything is ‘less’ than what you would expect of a normal 3 stars hotel. Well, that is what they claimed, a 3 stars hotel.

      on top of what Tan’d raised, I think one more point that worth potential customers to be aware, which is this hotel only provide minimal quantity of items like 2 pieces of towels (for a double room), body shampoo (1 single container for both hair and body), toilet paper, 2 pieces of note paper (yes, not a notebook, but 2 pieces of papers) and so on…
      and yes, very limited car park lots! The rest? you park along the road side at your own risk through out the nights.

  4. This is one of worst hotels in Taiping, it may look good at appearance, but by the time you step in to the hotel & the room, you will sense something wrong to call it a HOTEL. One of my friend even call it “black shop” in cantonese, if you understand.

    Taiping’s best hotel? definitely NOT!
    Anyway, just personal opinion, others could have good experience in the hotel. đŸ™‚

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