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Lake “Lago” Falkner- Camping Groundsite – 7 Lakes Route, ARGENTINA

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Lake “Lago” Falkner- Camping Ground site – 7 Lakes Route, Nahuel Huapi National Park, Patagonia, ARGENTINA
The journey between San Martin de los Andes and Villa La Angostura, lies the popular 7 Lakes Route. Lake or Lago Falkner camping ground site is one of the most popular camp site within this 7 Lakes Route. We were traveling from San Martin to Bariloche.

Entrance of the Camping Falkner

As we saw the beautiful Lago Falkner, we couldn’t resist to have a quick lunch there.

Guests of Camping Falkner

As expected, there were quite a number of camping enthusiasts there. Somewhere as young as high school teenagers and there were quite a number of families and backpackers.

Lake view with the Patagonia mountains as background

The camp site was very windy. Chilling wind from the Patagonia mountains. Not to mention the calm Lago Falkner.

The calm Lago Falkner – Patagonia and mountains of Nahuel Huapi National Park

Tables and chairs set for an amazing lunch Lago Falkner view. Free strong winds as well. A very comfortable place for camping for sure. Not forgetting the lovely Patagonia mountains of Nahuel Huapi National Park,  – one of the oldest national park in Argentina.

The grass on the camp site is thin and we were there during summer, January 2010. The ground operator was friendly as our guide had a great conversation with him. We enjoyed our quick lunch indefinitely. Breathtaking view and they have facilities like individual toilets and bathing area. The place is very clean.

How to get to Lake “Lago” Falkner- Camping Groundsite:

The camping site is on the left while traveling on Route 234 from San Martin de los Andes.

Lake “Lago” Falkner- Camping Groundsite Contact and Address:

I don’t have the exact location address but you can reached them at the website below:



This was us. The I was traveling with them in Argentina. We were driving across the loneliest highway in the world, Route 40 for the Patagonia experience.

For more information of this expedition and more upcoming expedition, please visit has been traveling most part of the world. Please do check out their upcoming Amazon expedition.

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