December 7, 2023


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Happy Chinese New Year from Ushuaia, ARGENTINA

A: Ushuaia Argentina, the southernmost city in the world: Map – Google Map.

Happy Chinese New Year 2010 from Wilson Ng of in Ushuaia, Argentina. Ushuaia, Argentina is the most southern city in the world. It is a small town and also a port for cruises to go to Antarctica or South Pole. It’s currently summer here but the weather is cold enough enough for the mountains to be snow capped. Sadly, I have to leave Rachel for this trip due to time consumption and work commitment.

The landscape in Ushuaia, Argentina is nothing but breathtaking. I would never leave my camera back in hotel. Somehow, some way there’s something nice to take, like this picture. The rays of sun at the mountains of Ushaia. ushuaia

This is the town of Ushuaia with the snow capped mountains at the background. The town is relatively small but there’s 2 casinos here! Lot’s of seafood restaurants that serve King Crab! Nom nom, more blog post of it will come soon. Most Argentinians don’t speak English. Communicating is always a slight problem here, but never been a big issue. The weather has been okay, sunny yesterday, chilly winds the other day and raining today. Generally its too cold for summer!


Not forgetting the sea port the town is facing. This are the cruises going to Antarctica. A basic cruise will cost around 3-4k USD per person. The daily flights to Ushuaia are usually packed at summer time like this. I will stay here to celebrate my Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day. At this time, I hope my wife Rachel will read this. It’s bad to leave her home alone for almost a month due to my Argentina expedition trip. I will get her something really nice from Buenos Aires, that’s a promise. I really miss and love her and hope this experience will bring our life to the next level. I also want to wish my family and also my friends a great Happy Chinese New Year. I try to come back in time for a small party or gathering.


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