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My Real 26 HOURS Experience with Malaysia Airlines

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This is not an advertorial or paid post. This is my real experience flying 26 hours with Malaysia Airlines including 2 short layovers. My flight from Kuala Lumpur to Buenos Aires on Jan 27th took around 26 hours inclusive of 2 stop overs at South Africa. It was my furthest place I travel and the longest flying time I experienced in my life. I flew with Malaysia Airlines MH201 on this trip and it was a very early morning flight at 1.20 am. Many might not know, only Malaysia Airlines fly direct to Buenos Aires from Southeast Asia with 2 stops in South Africa and hence the flight is usually packed.

I wasn’t worry about the lengthy flight since I had 2 stop overs in South Africa. However, I was having a fever when on board due to the side effects of having the Yellow Fever vaccination a week earlier.

The flight from Kuala Lumpur to Johannesburg was pretty relax, we got ourselves the back seats and managed to chat with the hot stewardess. The flight was say 80% full on economy class?

From Johannesburg to Cape Town, it was fun. The chief steward, Mr. Azmi/Azri (sorry I forgot his name) allowed me to go to the business class for me to take pictures. He shared some of his Cape Town experiences and I must not forget the lovely crews that chat with me as well.

With his help, I managed to capture this picture and also many other wonderful pictures of Cape Town, South Africa.

Well, the nightmare started when we flew from Cape Town to Buenos Aires. My fever shot up as I missed one of my medicine session. Thankfully, the MAS crew, Mexican lady Adrianna took care of me. She gave me a tray of ice with towel to keep myself cool throughout the journey. It was very kind of her. And also not forgetting Khairul who made the “teh tarik” for me.

It helps a lot when Adrianna constantly came and checked on my condition. As I still have my medication, I managed to endure the journey with the help of the cabin crews. When I reached Buenos Aires in the morning, I was fully recovered.

malaysia airlines

This were the crew that make Malaysia Airlines the award winning “Cabin Crew Of The Year”. Without them, I would not have enjoyed my journey, took nice pictures from the business class area and also keeping my fever away. Having fever on board was no fun, trust me on that.

Thank you MAS Crews for your special treatments, you all deserved the Cabin Crew Award!

*Malaysia Airlines have ceased operations on flying from Kuala Lumpur to Buenos Aires and stewardess Adriana is now a friend on our Facebook. *

0 thoughts on “My Real 26 HOURS Experience with Malaysia Airlines

  1. Hi Wilson,

    We are pleased that you have written this story. Your note is a wonderful compliment to our crew. This would be helpful for them to know as they have done a good job to attend to our guest onboard.

    We will post your story on our Living MH Blog at Please do visit us from time to time.

    Thank you again for this wonderful compliment.

    Zaileen Hashim
    The Living MH Blog team

  2. Hai…

    Whaooo.. it was such a wonderful experience on reading your posting. i did came across to a few MAS wonderful cabin crews which had assisted to other passengers which seek a little helping hand during the journey. Although it is just a small/minor matters but the deeds/thoughfulness and helping hand were given more than what we’re could aspect it. And it really moved us (passengers) as well to share and lending a hand to the needy.
    Overwhelming and proud of to have Malaysia Airline to be our National Carrier.

    As for you or anyone else, do have a supplement of vitamin C in our handy dandy bag.. it does help most to reduce our fever/flu/whatever. hehehehe.. and if you had a running nose try to get a warm glass of water with lemon juice pressed in it. It totally does helps a lot.

    We believd that you had a great journey to buenos aried.. ;)cheers…

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