November 30, 2023


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Beras Basah Island, Langkawi, MALAYSIA

My previous trip to Langkawi really changed my perception towards the island. It really changed so much over the past decade. From a duty free island to now a more adventurous and fun island. The island hopping tour we paid, brought to this beautiful Beras Basah Island.

A direct translation of Beras Basah means wet rice. It’s one of the popular destination in Langkawi island. And example of Beras Basah Island or Pulau Beras Basah by Tourism Malaysia.

When we docked at the jetty we were quite surprised by the white sands beach. Check out the color of the sands, the picture is not edited.

Under the shady coconut trees, we sat down and enjoy the beautiful beach. But do watch out for the falling coconuts, I’m just joking.

One of the best thing about the island, its not that busy and packed. So claiming a spot for sun bathing or chill out was easy. Ordering some cold drinks from the shop nearby was the next best thing to do.

On top of sun bathing and probably having a dip near the beach, Beras Basah Island also offers outdoor activities such as banana boat ride and para sailing.

A group of tourists having a fun time riding the banana boat ride.

Well this was us and you can see the para sailing at the background.

For more information on the outdoor activities, please check on the operator vendor on the island.

How to get to Beras Basah Island:

Do check the local tour operators in various locations in Langkawi such as hotels and airport for the island hopping tour that is inclusive of the Beras Basah Island stop-over.

Chartered your own boat at jetty or also consult the local tour operators.

Charges and fees differs depending on the boat type and boat sizes.

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  1. Been to Beras Basah last year, the water is not that clear which is totally different from 12 years back when I was there. Back then I can still see my foot even the water reach my chest.

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