March 22, 2023

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Hamburger & Bailey’s Chocolate – Tante Sara Cafe & Bar, Ushuaia, ARGENTINA

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Hamburger & Bailey’s Chocolate – Tante Sara Cafe & Bar, Ushuaia, ARGENTINA

During one of the 9 days stay in Ushuaia, I wandered to this restaurant called Tante Sara Cafe & Bar. After having a few rounds in the casino nearby, it was time for a good lunch.

Rightfully, Tante Sara Cafe & Bar was around the corner. Located at the busiest road of Ushuaia, San Martin, Tante Sara can be easily spotted. I was greeted by the waiters and immediately they taken my order. Service was good despite how packed the restaurant was at that moment of time.

One of the best thing about Argentina is their chocolate drink. They offered liquor based chocolate drink. I had cognac chocolate which was really nice but this one was equally good. Named as the Chocolate Tante Sara, the hot chocolate was mixed with grated chocolate, Bailey’s and cream. I loved the creamy texture on the top layer as well the rich chocolate taste that was so addictive. Not forgetting hints of Bailey’s that made this hot chocolate unforgettable for my own account. Drink cost at 17 Argentine Pesos (US 4.5).

I ordered the Tanta Sara Hamburger. The hamburger came with the egg, bacon, egg, tomato, fries and the calamari rings. Unlike in Malaysia which is everything came with chili sauce, they usually provide tomato ketchup for serving. I usually loved to eat it “clean” to try out the real taste of the hamburger. I wouldn’t say the hamburger was the best but it was definitely good. Portion was just nice. The hamburger was priced at 30 Argentine pesos ( US 8).

With good and prompt service, clean and good environment, Tante Sara is definitely a good recommendation. Shall I say more?

A: Ushuaia Argentina, the southernmost city in the world: Map – Google Map.

Tante Sara Cafe & Bar Address and Contact:

San Martin 701, Ushuaia

Tel: (02901) 423 912

Website: Tante Sara Cafe & Bar

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