March 22, 2023

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Paseo Recoleta – Weekend Flea Market, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA

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Paseo Recoleta – Weekend Flea Market, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA

The only weekend flea market I came across in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the Paso Recoleta Weekend Flea Market. It is located near the popular Hard Rock Cafe Buenos Aires and also many popular tourist spots. Such as La Recoleta Cemetery that has the Eva Peron’s cemetery and also the Centro Cultural Recoleta.

After visiting the Eva Peron’s tomb at La Recoleta cemetery, we proceed to the weekend flea market at Paseo Recoleta.

Like many other weekend flea market, they offered clothes, souvenirs, food and some other handicrafts.

Since the place is very tourist oriented, the prices are not that cheap. Crowd was quite alright, not really that packed and the place was quite enjoyed to walk due to the nice cooling weather.

Well, I got myself a “head massager” at the end of the day. I bought it at 20 Argentine pesos.

It was a good short walk and you should go there when you are around the area. The weekend flea market is in between La Recoleta cemetery and the Centro Cultural Recoleta.

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