April 21, 2024


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Bardas Blancas, Route 40 – Patagonia, ARGENTINA

Bardas Blancas is a small town in Mendoza, Argentina. We passed by this small town as we travel from Malargue to Neuquen. Bardas Blancas is located along the famous Ruta 40 or Route 40. I took a lot of pictures around this area but I selected the best few to post it up here.

Traveling on the road is fun in a way that I always kept my camera close to me. Whenever I spotted something nice, I will start shooting. Same goes to the scenery around Bardas Blancas. Check out the color tones of the mountains.

In Bardas Blancas, there were quite a number of small rivers running across the plain.

Though there was presence of water, most of the plain were still dry.

Dust were every where. It was an usual sight in Route 40.

The streams and the mountains.

The rivers and the mountain.

The beautiful mountains of Patagonia. What a natural beauty of Patagonia. Look at the different color tones created naturally.

Route 40 is considered as the loneliness highway in the world. While traveling on Route 40, we had a spare petrol tank and also there were a few mechanics among us. We have met a few travelers who ran of petrol in Route 40. We often help them by selling them a couple liters of petrol, good enough to last them for the next petrol station.

The best way of traveling along Route 40 will be using the GPS. The team had a few Garmin GPS with Argentina and Chile map. It was really handy especially looking for petrol stations and places to camp and eat.

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More Argentinian posts will be coming! Thanks for reading!

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