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Whisky with Glacier Ice on Patagonia Argentina Cruise, Los Glaciares National Park

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Whisky with Glacier Ice on Patagonia Argentina Cruise, Los Glaciares National Park, Santa Cruz, ARGENTINA

This was the Patagonia Argentina cruise (pic below). Patagonia Argentina cruise is one of the few cruises that offered the glacier tour in Los Glaciares National Park, Santa Cruz, ARGENTINA.

The 6 hours cruise tour cost us around 295 pesos (US 90) excluding meal. It was a double decker cruise, air conditioned.

The highlights of this cruise were the Los Glaciares National Park which has the largest glacier in the world, the Perito Moreno (see picture below).

The cruise tour did not inclusive of any meal. However, they had light meals, snacks and drinks for sale on board. One of the most popular drinks was the whisky with glacier ice. It cost around USD 6 – 7 per glass. This was it looks like (pic above).

The taste was actually quite similar with a regular whisky with ice, just that the glacier ice didn’t melt that fast. Ever wonder how does the glacier ice looks like?

Check this out! This was an actual glacier ice. The ice was very compact and solid, hard to break. Holding the ice was tough as it was freaking cold. Though it was summer in February, but it was really cold on the cruise. Temp was around 10 degree celsius.

You may also wonder how large Perito Moreno is since it’s the largest glacier in the world.

Well, check this out. This was how huge the Perito Moreno compared to the double decker cruise. In fact this was taken at the edge of the glacier, as it covered the whole valley!

The colour of the glacier was so blue, it was simply beautiful. We spent some time around Perito Moreno glacier site.

The 6 hours tour was definitely worth it. There are also options to hike the glacier on a full day glacier tour. Most hotels and resorts in El Calafate offered Los Glaciares National Park tours. Price varies depending on cruise and tour vendors.

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      1. How are the hotel qualities in El Calafate? When I google them, a lot of them say they are 4 stars, are they really like US 4 stars?

        1. The place we stayed was an ordinary hotel. I say 3 stars max, no swimming pool, clean and decent. I couldn’t recall seeing any amazing hotels, I could have missed it. Don’t put so high hopes on the 4 stars hotel, it could be 3 stars of US standard. Regardless, El Calafate is one of the most popular tourist spot in Argentina. I met a dozens of different tourists there. Do visit the casino there, its nice.

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