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Hard Rock Cafe Dubai, UAE

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Hard Rock Cafe Dubai, UAE

Rachel, my wife went to Dubai on a few years ago for work. There, she decided to surprise wmith e a Hard Rock Cafe Dubai T-shirt.

She took a taxi from her hotel in the city center with her colleague and it took more than half an hour to reach the Hard Rock Cafe Dubai. She was a woman in a mission!

It was middle of nowhere in her point of view. Yet, there’s nothing beat a chilling place at a Hard Rock Cafe.

The cafe was patronized by local bikers. They proudly displayed their big bikes in front of the cafe.

It was mission accomplished. Rachel bought a few souvenirs and T-shirt, had a drink there before she went back to the hotel.

The Hard Rock Cafe Dubai, UAE is currently closed for renovations, please do check out their website for more updates.

Hard Rock Cafe Dubai, UAE Address:
Hard Rock Cafe Dubai
Sheikh Zayed Rd.
Exit 32
P.O. Box 26422
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

URL: Hard Rock Cafe Dubai

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