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Dinner with Ian Wright : Out Of Bounds, Discovery Travel & Living

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Meeting Ian Wright : Out Of Bounds, Discovery Travel & Living

I had the chance of many people would craved for. A meet and dine session with celebrity traveler, Ian Wright. Me and my wife started watching Ian when he was doing the Globe Trekker and to the recent America the Wright way.

Unique and different than the rest, we loved his show due to his wacky, fun and spontaneous character. This can be confirmed as we met him yesterday at Delicious, Dua Annexe, Kuala Lumpur.

We were joined by other winners of Ian Wright: Out of Bounds contest. We had a chat some of them who even drove all the way from Melaka for the dinner. As we checked the menu, the dinner was out of bounds!

Out Of Bounds Dinner Menu


Syrian Babaghanoush with Lebanese Bread


Okinawa Chicken Yakitori, Sri Lankan Dry Fried Shrimp


Siberian Borsht Soup


Cuban Pulled Beef, Venezuelan Pan Fried Fish with Peppers


Okinawa Cucumber Wakame Salad, Sri Lankan Pilaff Rice, Venezuelan Pasticho of Eggplant, Syrian Flat Bread, Siberian Cheremsha Sping Onion Salad, Cuban Black Bean


Syrian Baklava , Okinawa Green Tea Truffles, Siberian Sweet Blinis

We enjoyed the varieties of the dinner. It was really different and out of bounds. I loved the Okinawa Green Tea Truffles and Venezuelan Pasticho Eggplant. Ian then shared some of his moments of his next series, Out Of Bounds.

Lastly, he had an autographed session and also photo opportunities with all of us. It was a very entertaining evening and it was great to meet Ian Wright in person.

Catch Ian Wright: Out of Bounds at Discovery Travel n Living (Astro Channel 707) premiering May 20th, every Thursday 9pm!

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  1. You got to be kidding me Wilson. Ian Wright, i watched,his shows all time.Hes Amazing. Thanks for sharing yr pics.

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