June 3, 2023

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RM 2 Roast Chicken Rice, Cheapest in Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

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RM 2 Roast Chicken Rice, Cheapest in Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
In bad times like this, it is hard to find cheap food around, especially in Kuala Lumpur. Luckily, I spotted something rather bizarre last week, RM 2 Roast Chicken Rice! RM 2 is around US 60 cents.

The story goes like this, last week I went to Taman Muda for my usual fix for my crave on BBQ Pork Ribs Wantan Noodle at Lam Kee. Upon passing by BHP petrol station, I spotted a banner that reads RM 2 chicken. I was curious, how is a RM 2 chicken rice taste like?
I had 1 dollar Chicken Rice in Singapore before in one of the stalls in Tampines, few years ago. It wasn’t that bad, decent food. It was featured in their newspaper as well.

I expect the same from this stall. Surprisingly, there was no one there. The funny thing about Malaysians is when there’s a cheap food, they are always skeptical about it. And when there is expensive food, they will always complain. We Malaysians are hard to please at most times. For this time around, only my colleague and I were there. We ordered the RM 2 Roast Chicken Rice for our hungry tummies.

The food came with a generous amount of butter rice topped with a thin layer of roast chicken. The rice though was not the highest quality but it was not that bad either. The chicken was alright and the skin was roasted crispy. The chili sauce was slightly watered down but it was okay. There was no cucumber though.
For RM 2, I would say it was damn worth it. Though chicken meat was lesser, but for RM 2, would you ask for more?

Opposite BHP Petrol Station
At the front of the Taman Muda Food Street

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