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Paella at Tante Nina, Ushuaia

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Paella at Tante Nina, Ushuaia

We arrived late in Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world. Some might even called it the end of the world. However the city itself is not as dull as it sounds.
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Ushuaia is famous for its King crabs and fresh seafood and it is also the last port before holiday cruises embark for Antarctica.

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This was day one of my one week stay in Ushuaia and this was my first meal. Tante Nina is a beautiful restaurant facing the sea port. It is located Godoy 15, on top of the HSBC bank.
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In most restaurants in Argentina, they will serve bread with olive oil or butter first. It is a common tradition in Argentine restaurants.
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As I mentioned earlier Ushuaia is popular for its King crab but we didn’t order King crab on that day. Instead, we ordered Paella for $105 (RM 105 / US 35).

Interesting enough throughout our three weeks journey in Argentina, we never ordered Paella. Paella is a combination of rice, seafood, fish, tomato and rice and cooked together in a pan. It is a popular Spanish dish.
restaurante centolla5
It is one of the best Paella I’ve had. It comes with generous amount of fresh mussels, prawns and scallops. This was delicious.
restaurante centolla6
At night the sea view might not be that fantastic, but during day time there will be a lot of seagulls and also cruise ships.

The pricing in Tante Nina might be slightly high but it’s worth a try.

Tante Nina Contact, Tel and Address:

Godoy 15 / Tel: 54-2901-432444

[email protected]





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