April 14, 2024


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Route 40 – Cordoba to Mendoza Scenery, ARGENTINA

Route 40 Argentina, the loneliness highway in the world. Completing almost the whole Route 40 took us almost 2 weeks when we were there in January. The whole expedition is guided and made possible by 4x4WorldExplorer.com

After staying a night in the 2nd largest city in Argentina, Cordoba, we moved on to Mendoza, best known for its wine.

We departed from Cordoba using Route 20 and then we cut back to Route 40 before we reached Mendoza. The scenery in Route 20 was amazing (will post later). However, upon reaching Route 40, the scenery changed completely.

The scenery of the end of Route 20 from Cordoba. Please take note about the hazy sky. It was not haze, actually it was moist! Yes, moist!

The whole area was completely covered with natural moist from the ground. Thus, the sky was very gloomy as well. Not the summer time sky I was expecting.

This picture is taken along the Route 40 reaching Mendoza.

Even with the moist, the soil was quite dry. I know it did make sense but you can tell from the picture. Most of the plain were covered by dirt and dust.

I could describe this only amazing!

Probably with such conditions, Mendoza produced the best wines in Argentina!

For more information of this expedition and more upcoming expedition, please visit 4×4worldexplorer.com. 4×4worldexplorer.com has been traveling most part of the world. Please do check out their upcoming Amazon expedition.

More Argentinian posts will be coming! Thanks for reading!

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