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Official Statement from Governor of The Tourism Authority of THAILAND: 26th May 2010

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Another official nemail from the TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) office on the latest update on Thailand. This is an offical message from the Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand on 26th May 2010

26 May 2010


Sawasdee krub,

Recently, events in Thailand have caused concern among potential visitors worldwide. The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) advises travellers that the situation here is returning to normal. More importantly, the events of the past few weeks only took place in a few areas of the country. Major tourist destinations outside of Bangkok, and most of the city itself, were not affected.

Over the last 50 years, the TAT has helped to build Thailand into one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. The things that make Thailand so appealing to visitors – our unique culture, natural attractions from mountains and beaches, incomparable value, and the welcoming hospitality of Thai people – have not changed. The country’s transportation infrastructure is fully operational. Tourism operators throughout Thailand are ready and waiting to offer visitors exceptional holiday experiences.

With a strong commitment to the travel and tourism sector, the TAT will do our utmost to restore Thailand’s position as one of world’s favourite destinations. We are already implementing plans to regain visitor confidence. The TAT will let the world know that we warmly welcome everybody to Amazing Thailand.

All of us at the TAT thank you for your encouragement and concern during the recent events. We look forward to your continued support in spreading our heartfelt feelings and hope to see you in Thailand again soon.

Suraphon Svetasreni

26 May 2010

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