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Thomas Cup Final: Indonesia vs. China & Uber Cup Final Results: South Korea vs. China – Latest Updates, Semi Final & Latest Results

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Thomas Cup Final Live: Indonesia vs. China & Uber Cup Final: South Korea vs. China, Latest Updates, Semi Final Results

Thomas Cup Semi Final Results: Malaysia 0-3 China

Yesterday night, most Malaysians were shocked by the defeat of the Malaysia to China with the results of 3-0. Many would dream of a Malaysia Indonesia Thomas Cup final but it was just a dream after all.

It was an evening of joy as many would stay at home waiting for the game that started at 7 pm, hoping for a win against China. The first single game was a rematch for the Olympic finals in Beijing, Lee Chong Wei against Lin Dan. Despite playing at home and currently the world champion, Lee Chong Wei went down easily to the hands of Lin Dan. Somehow, Chong Wei was under pressured and played into so many mistakes against Lin Dan. Though Lin Dan won the game in a cocky way, Lee Chong Wei was not at his best. He lost in a straight set.

The Malaysian doubles had the same fate as Lee Chong Wei. They tried hard changing the pace and kept on attacking on the first Chinese men doubles, but the efforts turn mistakes which gave China another victory.

After the 2 world champions lost, the whole nation turn their eyes to the veteran 33 years old Wong Choong Han. He tried to fight for the first game but like the rest he lost all the games.

The games were not that bad. The Malaysians played well but it wasn’t good enough. China was stronger and better team yesterday.

Few important things I noticed about this Malaysia team. Though the first single and first double men doubles are current world champions, the rest of the squad looks relatively weak. Wong Choong Han has already passed his peak, no offense to him. Well, same goes to Hafiz. Well, is there really no more talented young Malaysian player at the moment? If the answer is no, then the future of Malaysia’s badminton is dark and gloomy.

Thus since we are hosting the Thomas Cup this year, should the coaches of the Malaysia team to prepare for it? On papers, the Malaysia never looked strong as a team and never seems to be able to win the Thomas Cup.

The lost to China, again is another wake up call for the Malaysia team. They just lost another golden chance.

Thomas Cup Semi Final Results: Indonesia 3-1 Japan

Japan comes to Thomas Cup this year, well prepared. Stunned host Malaysia with a 3-2 win and stormed to semi final with ease. However, against a powerhouse like Indonesia, Japan battled well. Thus, Japan lost 1-3 to Indonesia. Regardless, the team had so much experiences in this tournament and Japan can be a force to be reckon in the future.

Uber Cup Semi Final Results: South Korea 3-1 Japan, China 3-0 Indonesia

Uber Cup Final: China 1-3 South Korea,  15th May 2010, 2pm


Bae Seung Hee bt Wang Yihan 23-21, 21-11

Lee Hyo Jung/Kim Min Jung bt Ma Jin/Wang Xiaoli 21-18, 12-21, 21-15

Wang Xin bt Sung Ji Hyun 21-14, 16-21, 21-7

Lee Hyung Won/Ha Jung Eun bt Du Jing/Yu Yang 19-21, 21-14, 21-19

Thomas Cup Final: China Vs. Indonesia,  16th May 2010, 2pm


Lin Dan bt Taufik Hidayat 21-7, 21-14;

Cai Yun-Fu Haifeng bt Markis Kido-Hendra Setiawan 25-23, 16-21, 21-12;

Chen Jin bt Simon Santoso 19-21, 21-17, 21-7.

I will be watching the Thomas Cup Final game on Sunday with Rachel. We are not a supporter for both; China or Indonesia. On papers, China looks strong to retain the Thomas Cup but I bet Indonesia can put up a good fight for it.

Thank you for reading this and let us wait for the final.

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