October 29, 2021

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Cafe Tortoni (1858): The Oldest Cafe in Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA

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Cafe Tortoni (1858): The Oldest Cafe in Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA

It is one of the highlights of Buenos Aires. Located just blocks from the famous Florida Street, Café Tortoni is a must visit place in Buenos Aires. As introduced by the tourist maps and also the locals, Café Tortoni is one of the oldest café in Argentina.

Established in 1858, with the history of more than 150 years old, Café Tortoni caters both the locals and the tourists. Located at Avenida de Mayo 825 ,Buenos Aires City, the café or coffee shop is accessible by public transport such as public busses or the subway.

Some of the metal signs in front of the cafe
As I walked out of the Florida Street, I asked my way to Tortoni. Though most Argentines don’t speak English, the word “Tortoni” definitely helps as most people knew about it.
I walked pass the coffee shop, silly me.

Can you read Spanish?

The entrance of the cafe: Door is huge

As I realized, I stood in front of the grand “Café Tortoni”. The huge large door separated me and a lovely breakfast, yet I was spending sometime outside taking pictures of the metal signs/plates.

As I walked in, the interior was vintage, cultural and posh.

I was greeted by a well dressed waiter who got me to a seat. Like me, the other patrons couldn’t stop snapping pictures of the interior.

Check out the interior, very well maintained

Can you spot the pretty ceiling?


13 thoughts on “Cafe Tortoni (1858): The Oldest Cafe in Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA

  1. How lovely! I went to a similar cafe in Eastern Europe and was actually overwhelmed by how rich the breakfasts they served were – the eggs were practically inundated in cream! Guess people in the old days knew how to really pack on the extras!!

  2. Well, I heard so much about the beauty of Eastern Europe. It must been amazing for u to be there.

  3. Revisit BA, a wise choice indeed. I should have gone to Uruguay as well. Sigh.

  4. This cafe is great! If you wish to see others cafes like the cafe tortoni book a tour with BsAs4u, this tour is really good to see argentina culture.

  5. Cafe Tortoni is indeed one of the magical coffee places that exist around all Buenos Aires, if you like a professional tour to the classic cafes of Buenos Aires we invite you to click: Cafe Tour Buenos Aires
    Thank you very much for the writer of the article for this beneficial information.

  6. Lovely place. It gives me the mafia feel (judging from your photo). Would definitely drop a visit when I’m going there (in future!) lol!

  7. Thanks for sharing this review. I visited Tortoni Cafe too, and 36 Billares, La Biela, Grand Splendid, and Confitería La Ideal as a part of the Historic cafes Tour, me and my husband took this February. We loved the fileteado artwork, the vaulted ceilings, the gloriously beat-up furniture, the waiters in bowties, the checkerboard floors. Everything made for a perfect café environment. Some of the cafés were breathing and living museums.
    We fell in love with Tortoni Cafe and especially with the sculpted trio in the corner. Over the years such talented and famous people sat right there in this same chair comfortably in literary discussion over their coffee. At the end of the tour we visited the biggest book shop in Latin America which has a Cafe inside and you can take a book and read it, taking a sweet coffe, and then return the book, for free !
    This book shop used to be a huge theatre, really amazing. The tour company is Kangoo Tours: http://www.kangootours.wix.com/tours . I highly recommend this tour

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