December 1, 2023


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Exclusive Media Cocktail Party at Fuse, Marina Bay Sands Singapore

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Exclusive Media Cocktail Party at Fuse, Marina Bay Sands Singapore

The hospitality of Marina Bay Sands Singapore is more that what we had expected. At the last night of our media trip, all of the media reps around the world were invited for the exclusive media cocktail party at Fuse.

Singapore Fuse1

After the dinner at the Marina Bay Sands Singapore Expo and Convention Center, most media reps went back to the hotel and made a quick change for the media cocktail. During the day, most media reps will wear casual as we need to cover a couple of ongoing events. However, they dazzled on the media cocktail party at Fuse.

Located at the Ground level near Tower 3, Fuse is a laid-back lounge with easy listening live entertainment. The area wasn’t that big, cozy enough to keep a dozens of people.

Singapore Fuse2
There is a bar in the middle of the lounge, offering the own signature drinks and others as well. It was a free flow drink media cocktail till late, Rachel and I were happily sipping on the champagnes.

Singapore Fuse4

It was a nice time with the right music for most media reps to chat and social around. There, I met a few new friends and had a great time chatting with them.

Singapore Fuse3

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Check out all the Media Cocktail Party pictures at Fuse HERE.

Thanks for reading and I hope you loved the pictures.

Marina Bay Sands Singapore Map:

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0 thoughts on “Exclusive Media Cocktail Party at Fuse, Marina Bay Sands Singapore

  1. You looked great! Marina Bay Sands Singapore is the newest entertainment destination offering luxury accommodation, shopping and dining. I heard only VIP are welcome there. How true it is?

    1. Hi Rachelle,

      Everyone is welcomed there. Not just VIP, its open to public. So far my stay was good there. Service was alright and the rooms were fantastic but didn’t manage to swim at the pool yet. Probably next time.

      Thanks for reading.

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