March 23, 2023

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My Visit to Suppatraland: The Fruit Orchard of Rayong, Thailand

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My Visit to Suppatraland: The Fruit Orchard of Rayong, Thailand

One of the popular tourist attractions in Rayong is their fruit orchards. I’ve heard so much about the fruit orchards of Rayong, particularly from my parents who travelled there for food a few years ago.

Landscape Park at the orchard

Part of the itinerary of the Tourism of Thailand Media Trip, I was there with the other media for a feast that we could never forget. As we reached there, we were greeted with a welcome drink.
Then we hopped on a coach for a sight-seeing tour around the huge orchard. After a couple of minutes of sight-seeing, we were brought to a hut for the fruit feast.

Durians were particularly popular among us. Their infamous “Golden Pillow” durian was somehow differs than Malaysian’s durians. The “Golden Pillow” tasted sweeter than common durians and the flesh was meaty.

Have you tried rambutan before?

Pineapples, look at the size of it.

Mangosteens anyone?

Not also forgetting other fruits such as mangosteen, dragon fruits, star fruits, pineapples, bananas and mangoes. Thai mangoes are very popular. Often served with sticky rice with coconut milk, the Thai mangoes are often sweet and orange in colour.

After an hour of fruit feast, should I say there’s anything healthier than that? Everyone was having a great time.

If you are at the region of Rayong, you must visit one of their fruit orchards for the fruit feast. The tropical fruits were amazingly good. You just need to pay for the package and eat until you drop.

Suphattra Land Address:
70 Moo 10 Tambol Nong La Lok, Amper Bankai, Rayong 21120 Thailand
Tel: 0 3889 2048-9, 08 9936 5933

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