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The Spectacular Marina Bay Sands Singapore Skypark: Pictures of the Breathtaking Infinity Pool, 24th June 2010

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The Spectacular Marina Bay Sands Singapore Skypark: Pictures of the Breathtaking Infinity Pool, 24th June 2010

Thank you again Alice George and Marina Bay Sands Singapore for inviting me and Rachel for the official opening of the spectacular Marina Bay Sands Singapore Skypark. After a lovely night having fun at the Marina Bay Sands Casino yesterday, today we went up to check out the Skypark and we were the early dozens visitors of the world with such opportunities. The official opening for public was 2pm and we were there as early as 8 am.
After getting out from our hotel room in 31st floor, I couldn’t hide my excitement by pressing the 57th floor button. Yesterday I tried to sneak but there were security guards guarding the entrance so I was politely asked to leave. So as the lift reached 57th floor, we were welcomed by the staffs of the Marina Bay Sands.

Marina Bay Sands Skypark Swimming Pool

The infinity pool with backdrop of the beautiful sunrise

The first impression of the Skypark was mind blowing. The 150-meter infinity swimming pool, the world’s largest outdoor pool at that height, open only to hotel guests.


Don’t you just love that pool?


As we thought we were early, there were already a couple swimming in the pool! The pool is not that deep, but it is long. It is one of the best infinity pool a hotel guest could ask for. With the view of the Singapore city from the pool, the experience is really priceless.


Read that: Shallow water, 1.2m.

Guests of Marina Bay Sands Singapore deserved such pampering moments


Trust me, I could sun bath here for hours

Check out the video of the pool in Full HD

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    1. If I recalled, we Malaysians do not need Visa to go to most South American countries eg: Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil.

    1. Rates differs from where you book it. In average, it is around SGD 300++ for now. I hope this will help u.

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  5. Hi, how they identify hotel guest?
    Will them give a identity card or voucher to visit the swimming pool?

    If my friend stay there, can I visit the swimming pool on his behalf?

    1. A very good question. I’m not sure about this. I am suppose to go there again this month but my traveling schedule won’t permit me. My friend went with her bf last year and they had no problems with that. I assume there will be no issues on that. Thanks for commenting.

  6. Thank you June and Dusmin for giving us the opportunity to see this amazing pool.The food and wine at Ku De Ta was equally great. Looking forward to host you in Canada sometime soon.

  7. hello…where can i get a package tour to singapore that is affordable and yet stay in this hotel??plz leave a comment.thanks.

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