February 7, 2023

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Camera For Travel: Sony Alpha NEX-3 & NEX-5 Launch at Teeq Brasserie, Lot 10, MALAYSIA

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Camera For Travel: Sony Alpha NEX-3 & NEX-5 Launch at Teeq Brasserie, Lot 10, MALAYSIA

Did I mention camera for travel? Well I do really mean it. An invitation by Sony Malaysia and Advertlets allowed me to try and witness the latest camera from Sony in Lot 10 yesterday evening. Since the launching of Olympus Pen cameras and also the Panasonic Interchangeable lens camera, Sony has jump on the bandwagon producing one of the adventurous products in the market. A compact camera with DSLR features.

I reached on time for the event which most bloggers friends were already there. I guess bloggers nowadays are the most punctual Malaysians at this moment of time.

Smashpop, ME, Bryanlyt

Since my Sony W110 camera is kept with my parents, I decided to take out my Sony HDR-XR520 for video and photo shooting. It is one of my best kept secret for my full HD videos for my blog and work.

It was really enjoying for me to mingle and chatting around with fellow bloggers. Luckily, I bumped to some old friends as well.

The launch gambit was pretty cool. The tight white outfit was pretty futuristic in way but I find it a resemblance to one of those characters of Japanese manga. Check out the video below:

The Video is recorded with Sony HDR-XR520 with FULL HD 1080p format.

After the launch, the nice people of Sony decided to give away one camera for lucky draw winners. Unluckily, I wasn’t the winner. However, they did prepare food for us.

The pretty couple: Jae Shaun & Tcmaine

Gorgeous Tcmaine and ME.

Amanda Choe and Josh Lim were playing the games.

When I thought it was over, apparently it wasn’t. They played a few games and prizes were given for participants.

Check this out. The Sony NEX-5. The camera is a combination of Sony Camcoder and Sony Alpha DSLR. There’s even an Alpha logo on the camera.

One of the lightest on its range. With HDR capabilities, and many other cool functions, this camera is priced below RM 3,000.00

I had the chance to play around with the new Sony NEX-5 camera and the functions were pretty cool. Taking a 7 frames per second was impressive and not to mention manual white balance. ISO setting can go as far as 12,800, it is the highest on its range.

This picture is taken on ISO 200 with F4 – 125 fps with Sony NEX-5.

This picture is taken on ISO 800 with F4 – 125 fps with Sony NEX-5.

The most obvious change between the is ISO 800 brighten up the background. The foreground still maintain the same and this is the internal flash of Sony NEX-5. Thank you Stephy for helping to pose for the pictures.

It was a fun event with the company of friends and bloggers. It’s interesting to see how Sony NEX-5 will go from here. What I could say it’s a convenient camera for travel and not forgetting those amazing Full HD 1080 video capabilities. This camera is slick!

Thank you again Sony Malaysia and Advertlets for the invite.

21 thoughts on “Camera For Travel: Sony Alpha NEX-3 & NEX-5 Launch at Teeq Brasserie, Lot 10, MALAYSIA

  1. Hi, I’m very interested in Linux but Im a Super Newbie and I’m having trouble deciding on the right distribution for me (Havent you heard this a million times?) anyway here is my problem, I need a distribution that can switch between reading and writing in English and Japanese (Japanese Language Support) with out restarting the operating system.

  2. wohoo just got mine NEX-5 with twin kit lenses at Sony Style Berjaya Time Square. for RM3099 + 8GB high speed pro-hg duo stick at only RM59. (will upgrade soon)

    I’m very happy and proud owner of it. Love the design, functions and spec.

  3. You mentioned you’re using HDR-XR520. You connected a separate flash to it? Cos usually the pictures i take with XR520, it usually turns out very dim for the object in the foreground. And needless to say, not advisable for night photo-taking. Do you have any advice how to take better pictures with XR520?

  4. Hi Hong Kiat,

    Firstly, choose the highest quality which is 4 x 3 ratio.

    Sony is notoriously famous for its inferior in night shots. Sadly i’m having the same problem with you. Usually I switched off the flash and photoshop the picture, but it will be grainy.

    If you are using lens filter, the flash function will not work.

    Do not buy external mic and only buy HD wide angle lenses. The usual wide angle lens will blur the side of the video.

    Good luck


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