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Famous Petaling Street Hokkien Noodle Kim Lian Kee at Lot 10 Hutong, MALAYSIA

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Famous Petaling Street Hokkien Noodle Kim Lian Kee at Lot 10 Hutong, MALAYSIA

I went shopping a few days ago with my mum and my sis at iSetan Lot 10. Since we were there, I decided to bring them for a treat, a lunch at Lot 10 Hutong. They had no idea what’s Lot 10 Hutong is all about, though they had been shopping in iSetan Lot 10 for years.

My mum’s first impression was like; there’s so many good food here! Not just my mum, my sis was impressed as well. Lot 10 Hutong is located at the LG (lower ground floor) of Lot 10 shopping center. The best part of this new food new food court is, it’s NON HALAL. I believe it’s one of the few NON HALAL food court in a shopping mall.

I’ve tried almost most of the stall but there is one I loved most, the famous Petaling Street Hokkien Noodle, Kim Lian Kee. As famous as the original outlet, the stall is usually packed with customers queuing up to order. Luckily, that day we got our order fast.

To be frank, I am always cautious about food branches like this. Some might question the quality of food comparing to the original place. Well, I am one of them. I tried on their Hokkien noodle at their main outlet in Petaling Street before and I even did a review back then here.
I ordered a plate to share and it cost RM8.90 per plate (US 3). Price is slightly high most likely due to the high rental of Lot 10. Yet again, for that price and for that good food, it’s all worth it. After a good 10 min wait, I got my Hokkien noodle.

A quick glance at it, it looks like the same to other hokkien noodles. However, don’t be fooled by its outlook, it was good. I can gladly say, the quality is maintain and almost identical to the original shop in Petaling Street. Well I would prefer it with more lards, the hokkien noodle would be more fragrant. Other than that, I would say the noodle is pretty good.

We had a heavy lunch that day, with my mum planning to bring my dad over for another feast. The Lot 10 Hutong is really a great place to dine in for the famous local food. Since my first visit to Lot 10 Hutong, I had been dining there for a while. We will definitely going back for more.

Kim Lian Kee Lot 10 address:

Lot 10 Hutong,
LG, Lot 10 Shopping Mall

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    1. Well, you are right. They cook the noodle individually, unlike some that would cook altogether. Thanks for commenting

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