December 10, 2023


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We Are Going to Avilion Admiral Cove, Port Dickson This Weekend!

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We Are Going to Admiral Cove, Port Dickson This Weekend!

Thank you for all the recommendations on the earlier post. After reading the comments and doing a bit of research of our own, we finally agreed on a destination. We are going to the Avilion Admiral Cove, Port Dickson this weekend. Trust me guys, this was not an easy decision.

My friend, took this picture during his stay at Avilion Admiral Cove.
We checked out this travel booking website, as recommended by the commenters YeZurr and Hopeless Romantic and we found the package deal for Avilion Admiral Cove, Port Dickson. It looks pretty to us and it fits to our budget. From there, I google search for more reviews on this hotel and we found some marvelous pictures on this hotel.

They are currently having promotion on 3 days 2 night accommodation for RM 1,099 NETT; the usual price is RM 1,219. The promo includes DIY BBQ, 30 min banana boat ride, 1 hour bicycle joyride, 1 hour kayaking, 15% discount of F&B and complimentary welcome drink. The promo is ending on 31st March 2011. The link we promo we booked is from

Well, the Sepang Gold Coast looks good as well but we chose Avilion Admiral Cove because of the deal and our desire to go to Port Dickson

Thank you for helping us choosing our holiday and I would like to congratulate YeZurr for winning the prize because he commented first before Hopeless Romantic. For YeZurr, please email me your details for me to contact you to pick up the prize. I hope you like the prize.

For the rest, there will be more prizes giveaways in the future. Thanks for participating!

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  1. Admiral Cove is a really nice place… Do enjoy the place… 🙂

    By the way, i found your blog accidentally and I really like reading your adventures…

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