March 27, 2023

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Travel Mission Oris Col Moschin Part 3: Missions and Finale

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Travel Mission Oris Col Moschin Part 3: Missions and Finale

Being the elected leader of Blue is not easy as I had a team of success hungry teammates. Together with me are Ridzwan, Vincent, Yuan, Tiaw and Elina, we promised ourselves to try our best to take the top spot. The winning team will be given an hour of pampering at the spa in Berjaya Tioman.

Our first mission is Mindsweeper Mission. We had to walk across an area filled with mines. It is similar to the ones we played on PC but this is real life version. For some reason, we got real lucky and completed the mission within a minute. We were one of the fastest team of the day.

Then we had to crack our brains on the “Decoding Mission”. Given a sheet of paper of codes, we managed to decode 5 sentences within the time 15 min time frame. We were glad to solve the codes.

Next, it was the Sand Castle Mission. Whatever it was, we built the sand castle with street lights and highways. It was fun!

The “Underwater Mission” is one of the most unique challenges I tried in my life. We had to count all the correct Oris Tiles underwater. With googles and fins, it was tough and difficult to count all of the correct Oris tiles within a designated area.

I never knew rescuing an injured person is so tough. The next mission, First AID Mission was to bandage “an injured” person, put him/her on custom made raft and carry it to the seaside and back. Luckily, we had a light teammate and we managed to continue it early. Another mission completed.

The Obstacle Challenge Mission was next and it was the toughest of all. Looking at the obstacles, I never believe that I can complete it. However, with the help of the team mates, I managed to finish 3 rounds. What an achievement, considering Vincent got a cut on his thigh. Everyone really help each other out and it was a fantastic teamwork.

Lastly, we had the Build Water Raft Mission. We tried really hard to complete it on time but we failed. We built the strongest raft but we wasted too much time building it. We were supposed to build the raft, sit on and make sure it completed a route on the water. We had no problems completing the mission but we overshot the time limit.

Overall, it was fun, entertaining and great missions we completed. My teammates were amazing people. With our never die teamwork, we prayed that we could win. We knew that we were in good position but we didn’t know whether were we good enough to win it.

By night time, after having an amazing feast of dinner buffet, the winners were announced and we won it! With determination and willpower, I lead the team to win the event.

We enjoyed ourselves throughout the event and also the evening. Thank you Oris Malaysia for organizing such an amazing event for us.


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