February 9, 2023

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Gaucho of South American Pampas, ARGENTINA: Picture Of the Week

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Gaucho of South American Pampas, ARGENTINA: Picture Of the Week

In Spanish, Gaucho is a term used to describe the residents of South American pampas or Patagonian grasslands in parts of Argentina, Uruguay, Southern Chile and Southern Brazil. In short, they are the cowboys of the South American pampas of Patagonia Argentina.

Traveling on the road in Patagonia region of Argentina was tiring but fun. My expedition to there earlier of the year was one of the most memorable trips in my life. I was told by Argentines to look for the “Gauchos” in Patagonia.

As they are permanent resident of the huge land of Patagonia. There is no BrokeBack mountain in Argentina so spotting them is only by chance or by luck.

Throughout my two weeks experience traveling in Patagonia, I had my DSLR / digital camera by my laps all the time. By luck, I managed to capture this picture on our moving car. The car was moving around 60-80km/h, the picture was captured with a high shuttle speed.

There were 3 gauchos riding on their horses with the magnificent landscape of the Andes mountain of Patagonia, Argentina. At the background, you can see the shading by the clouds and how huge the vast land of Patagonia. This picture was taken along the Route 40, the loneliest highway in the world.

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