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Avilion Admiral Cove Port Dickson: Last Minute Weekend Holiday

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Avilion Admiral Cove Port Dickson: Last Minute Weekend Holiday

Last week, we decided to have a last minute weekend holiday. We asked our beloved readers for suggestions and we chose Avilion Admiral Cove Port Dickson. We booked the resort last minute through It is a 3 days 2 nights package deal.

We went there on Friday evening, right after work. From Kuala Lumpur, it took us less than 2 hours to reach Avilion Admiral Cove Port Dickson. That included the traffic jam and also the time we wasted as we got lost in Port Dickson.

It was quite a smooth ride from Sungei Besi highway to Seremban exit. We thought it could be worst.

The beautiful Avilion Admiral Cove Lobby.
We reached Avilion Admiral Cove around 8pm. The place is a beauty. The friendly receptionist got our room in minutes and we couldn’t wait to see the room.

To us, the first impression was very important; from the outlook of the hotel to the lobby, from the corridor and to the room.

The room is spacious, big enough for another few friends. It looked clean and bright.
There was a sofa bed near the window and the room is really suitable for family or a group of friends.

We loved the long working table that came with multiple power points. It always comes handy when we needed to charge our batteries for video camera, laptop and DSLR. The room came with LCD TV with multiple channels. The one thing that stands out in the room is the small little sink. It is always nice to wash the cups and the glasses in the sink rather than the basin in the bathroom.

The bathroom is also big but it does not come with the bathtub. The amenities included shower gel and conditioning shampoo.

The room key at the Avilion Admiral Cove was unique too. Only the actual room key can be use in the assigned room and I think it is good because the guests cannot abuse the usage of the electricity in the room. It is for the green!

Check out the view of Avilion Admiral Cove Port Dickson in HD 720p format shot with Nokia N8!

We spent 3 days 2 nights at Avilion Admiral Cove during the last weekend.
Our friends joined us on the second day and we went on the cruise together.

The cruise can be booked at the hotel lobby and the availability also can be checked there.

It was quite fun as Rachel was steering the yacht out of the port. We were supposed to fish at Straits of Malacca. We were having too much fun taking pictures on the yacht.

However, a few of our friends were seasick so we had to cut short our cruise trip.

My friend was playing with my Samsung NX100 camera before he turned sea sick.
Though the cruise trip was short but it was still fun, few of us were sipping on our whisky while the rest were tired of over puking.

Then, we moved to the private beach by the hotel. It was hard to believe there is still white sandy beach in Port Dickson.

Posing on the “STORM” watersports.
While Rachel was sun tanning, my friends and I tried this watersport called the STORM. So there were 3 of us, riding on this STORM thing dragged to the sea with a speed boat and bounced on the water like no tomorrow. Trust me, it was fan but the impact was much greater than the banana boat. I flew up on the air probably like 6 feet high only with my arms clinging on. It was exciting!

After that, we played the beach football with a group of strangers. With my weight right now, it’s almost impossible to play straight down for 5 min. I guess it is time for me to lose some pounds. The game was good and everyone had fun until we were chased away by the rain.

We rested in our rooms until evening. We went out for seafood dinner near the hotel. The best thing about Avilion Admiral Cove is the strategic location. It is near many other hotels and resorts and also seafood restaurants.

After dinner, we spent time together with our friends chit chatting and watching the Saturday’s football matches in the room.

We were also busying playing this game called Yahtzee on the iPad. It can be played up to 4 players. Trust me, it is very addictive. I did manage to win a game or two at the end of the day.

Time really flies at Avilion Admiral Cove. Without noticing, we were on the last day. We woke up early to enjoy breakfast and enjoyed the lovely infinity swimming pool. There we were joined by other guests.

Avilion Admiral Cove Swimming Pool

Lunch at Avilion Admiral Cove Port Dickson in HD 720p format shot with Nokia N8!

We went to the private beach again with our friends. This time, Rachel and the rest went for the banana boat ride. The 6 of them took a ride on banana boat and bounced away with the speed boat. The banana boat overturned and all of them flung into the sea. Rachel got herself bruised up and lost her earring in the process. Other than that it was a fun moment for everyone.

Rachel was swimming in the pool by herself.
We went to play table tennis near the gym. All of us requested a late check out. We then went for a massage session before we leave the hotel. There is nothing better than treating our sore body for a massage session. One hour of full body massage therapy is just less than RM 100 and the massage session was done by the pool side. It was amazing.

Overall, Avilion Admiral Cove gave us a very good weekend experience. Together with our friends, the trip was unforgettable. We spent most of our time playing water sports and we fully utilized their facilities. We also enjoyed spending the quality times in our room. The best part about this trip was to have ourselves a good time and we did things that no one would do on a usual weekend getaway.

I must thank for the super amazing deal. Without stumbling upon, we might not even get this amazing deal. We are looking forward for more great deals from

Before I end here, we also did something special in Avilion Admiral Cove Port Dickson, something so special and so unique that I will share with you all soon. Just be patient, trust me it’s worth the wait!

Avilion Admiral Cove Address and Map:

5 1/2 Mile, Jalan Pantai | Negeri Sembilan,

Port Dickson 71050 Port Dickson

A: Admiral Cove Port Dickson Hotel

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