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Get On the Rock! With Honda City: Rock Climbing to Win!

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Get On the Rock! With Honda City: Rock Climbing to Win!

Thank you Advertlets and Honda Malaysia for inviting me to the launch of Honda City Taffeta White and the “Get On the Rock!” Contest.

It is undeniable Honda City is one of the most reliable compact sedan cars available in Malaysia. I have many friends who are or were driving Honda City and they have no problems with the car. On top of reliability, the car is also popular for fuel efficiency. Honda City is one of the cars with excellent fuel efficiency in this is 1.5l class. Since Dec 2008, there are over 36k units of Honda City 3rd generation alone sold in Malaysia. That does not include other generations that sold like hot cake in the country.

Some say the “white” is the new red and some say it is the new black. Regardless, the new Honda City Taffeta White is stylish, elegant and sexy. The new Honda City that comprises the four elements of Style, Performance, Practicality and Best-in-Class are now available in the market with Grade E(RM 90,480) and Grade S (RM 85,480).

White is the new black!

Video is shot with Nokia N8 and best view in HD 720p format.

To spice up with the new launch, Honda Malaysia came up with a month long competition in support of the advancement in life inspired by the qualities of Honda City; the “Get On the Rock!” With Honda City Contest.

The competition is based on rock climbing which is never been my forte. However, amateur like me do stand a chance as well because they have an open climber category. Something you can look for if you are not a climber yourself.

The rock climbing competition is based on two (2) categories targeting participants 21 years and above:

I. Open Climber: anyone, even non climbers, in a team of two (2).

II. Pro Climber: climbers with experience rated Grade 6c (French numerical climb rating system; 1 easiest to 9b most difficult)

Registration period

Nov 8th – Dec 7th.

How to participate?

Open category – submit one (1) climbing photo shot that best interprets one of City’s unique qualities: Style, Performance, Practicality and Best-in-Class.

Pro category – submit four (4) photos that reflect all four qualities.

Submission will be evaluated via online public voting system. 25 teams from Open, and 20 competitors from Pro categories will be shortlisted for voting and the final showdown is on Dec 18th at Camp5, One Utama where the team who accumulates the most mileage in climbs within two hours wins.

The Prizes:

Open Category– climbing trip on the limestone cliff in Krabi, Thailand worth RM3,500 along with a 1 year membership in Camp5.

Pro Category– Chance to meet with Reini Scherer, one of the world climbing champions, in a climbing clinic in Austria worth RM13,000 in addition to a RM2,000 cash prize.

I think it’s fair to have 2 categories like this so everyone stand a chance winning something. For pro climbers, I believe meeting Reini Scherer is a dream comes true. On top of that going to Austria is anyone’s wildest dream with 2k cash prize!

I’m going to try my luck for a ticket to Krabi, Thailand. See you all at Camp 5, One Utama for Get On the Rock! With Honda City

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