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KU DE TA: The Most Happening and Exclusive Club in Bali

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KU DE TA: The Most Happening and Exclusive Club in Bali

In my opinion, it is the most happening and exclusive club in Bali. The name is KU DE TA and if you are in Bali without patronizing this club, you missed the best night scene of Bali.

Recently, KU DE TA opened a new outlet in Singapore. It is located at Skypark Marina Bay Sands in Singapore which I have blogged about it a few weeks ago. It can read HERE.

KU DE TA is located in Seminyak. KU DE TA is very popular for its own house music and top class décor. KU DE TA produces their own music CDs and 2010 they are celebrating their 10 year anniversary of love.

It is undeniable going to KU DE TA is part of our plan. This is our second time visiting Bali and we wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity of not going to KU DE TA again.

KU DE TA has the exclusivity look from the outside. Swarmed by security officers, KU DE TA offers their guests a piece of their mind. We don’t really mind the tight security rules, we just want to have fun.

The place was crowded indefinitely. Some prefer sitting on the grass with their drink chilling while we would prefer a proper sitting area.

Most of the guests are Caucasians, not trying to be racist here but you will get what I mean when you are there. The mood was fantastic, and the music is excellent. Definitely it lives up to its reputation.

We loved how they lighted a small part of the beach with a spot light showing the sea waves. Not forgetting the candle light environment. Some were chilling with their drinks while some were practically dancing enjoying themselves.

Full HD 1080p video taken at KU DE TA!
It was a pity that we had dinner before we went to KU DE TA. If not, we would prefer to try out their dining menu there. Thus, we ordered some of their popular cocktails.

The drinks there are good but they are not cheap. The total bill was around US30 for 2 cocktails inclusive of taxes. KU DE Ta is definitely a great get together place if you ask me. It is also a good place for chit-chatting, chilling and for special moments. The whole KU DE TA experience was breathtaking and we will definitely going back there again for more.

Please do check out their in-house music albums and also their upcoming events. It’s happening!

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