March 24, 2023

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#Maxis10: Fun 720p HD Videos with Nokia N8: Travel Essentials

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#Maxis10: Fun 720p HD Videos with Nokia N8: Travel Essentials

I always believe in choices in life. We choose what we eat, what we wear and what to say. I believe that phones are about choices as well.

Just be honest, I don’t speak “phone languages” like apps, Android, Symbian and such. I use the mobile phone for the most basic thing and try to learn a few new “tricks” or functions. To me, a mobile phone is just a phone, anything extra will be a bonus.

Having the Nokia N8 for the past week is nothing but fun. I must not forget to thank Maxis for the opportunity. With its capabilities of capturing video at HD format with 720p, I couldn’t ask more for a phone.  I have been capturing some special moments using Nokia N8 with just a click of a button with the Nokia N8.

Video of friend, Hooi Nee trying to speak in Chinese Cantonese dialect

Video of my friend showing us how to eat abalone.

Video of Rachel walking on the runway!!

So then if you ask me if I have a choice of choosing a mobile phone, I would choose Nokia N8 for the camera and video capabilities. The ability to video out to Plasma or LCD TV with a HDMI output capability, I can never ask for more for quality. Some might prefer to choose a phone with more apps or games, I prefer to choose something I believe that is fun. For us, Nokia N8 is about fun, fun and fun!

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