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Sheraton Cordoba Hotel Review, Cordoba, ARGENTINA

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Sheraton Cordoba Hotel Review

This was my first pit stop after leaving Buenos Aires, Argentina. Cordoba is the second largest city in Argentina and it is listed as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. I stayed in Sheraton Cordoba Hotel, one of the finest in Cordoba.

The hotel is located beside the popular Falabella shopping center in Cordoba and it has amazing view of the Cordoba city. The uniqueness of this hotel is the architecture of the hotel.

The building is cylinder shape-like and it is designed as such that the ceiling of the hotel can be visible from the hotel lobby.

The room is good, similar to the Sheraton Buenos Aires hotel but slightly smaller. For some unknown reason, my photos I took of the hotel room are lost. I spent one night in Sheraton Cordoba hotel and I went to Mendoza on the next day. Room was clean, no complains.

I must thank the lobby staffs for allowing us to use the WIFI for free and also on the great services they provided. The front desk staffs are fluent in English and very helpful to us. That really helps a lot as most Argentines don’t speak English.

Sheraton Cordoba Address and Map:

Duarte Quiros 1300,

Cordoba, 5000


Tel: (45)(351)526 9000

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