April 19, 2024


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5 Things To Do in Langkawi’s Mangrove Eco Tour

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5 Things To Do in Langkawi’s Mangrove Eco Tour

The last time we went to Langkawi, we spent quite a number of days there relaxing and spending quality times together. One of the memorable things we did is the Langkawi mangrove tour. The mangrove tour can be arranged with the hotel lobby, in the airport or the local tours.

The tour took almost ½ day of our schedule. The van picked us up and sent us to the jetty. We were then transferred to the long tail boat or long “sampan”.

The price for the mangrove tour varies but I will recommend travelers to hire the whole boat if they have a small group of friends than rather buying per person ticket. It’s cheaper that way.

1. Mangrove Forest Sight Seeing

What is a mangrove tour with mangrove sight seeing. The beauty of long tail boat is it can get really close to the mangrove trees. The boat will propel slowly through the Kilim River. Sometimes, we need duck to avoid the branches of the mangrove trees. For city dwellers, this could be an eye opener and for eco tourists, this is a must.

Up, close and personal. We can get really as close as possible to the mangrove trees.

The mangrove forest as we slowly passed by.

Nature at its best. The Mangrove Forest of Langkawi.


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