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5 Things To Do in Langkawi’s Mangrove Eco Tour

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Gua Buaya (Crocodile Cave)

It is not sure whether it is a myth but the cave is named as Gua Buaya or the Crocodile Cave. The cave is located along the Kilim River. The boat will propel its way through this cave along an underpass passage. On ceiling of the cave, there is limestone and bats. During high tide, the passage is not accessible and it will be flooded with water. By the way, there are no crocodiles near the cave as I was told by the boatman.

The entrance to the “Crocodile Cave”.

Another long tail boat passing thru the “Crocodile Cave”.

Gua Kelawar (Bat Cave)

This is not a myth. The Gua Kelawar or the Bat Cave is home to thousands of bats. While entering the cave, prepare for free stinking smell of the bats’ droppings. Taking picture of the ceiling of the cave with flash, you can actually see hundreds of bats sleeping comfortably.  By the way, don’t try to look hard for Batman, he’s not there.

Sleeping bats on top of us as we walked around the cave.

If not hundreds or probably thousands of bats lived in this cave.

There are built platforms for us to walk around the bat cave. This was us in front of the bat cave.


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