March 22, 2023

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Buying Shark Bones for Soup in Kuantan Town, MALAYSIA

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Buying Shark Bones for Soup in Kuantan Town

Shark fin soup is one of the most sought after delicacy in Asia for centuries. Due to that, many sharks were killed violently for its fins. However, many might not know that other parts of shark can be eaten, such as shark meat and shark bones. Thus, due to the low prices of the meat and the bones can fetch, the fishermen would dump the shark bodies back to the sea to let them die.

Last year, I traveled to Kuantan for work. There, I was introduced to a new delicacy, the shark bones.

Ready to sell shark bones in plastic packets.
The shark bones are not to be eaten, but to be boiled for soup.

Chinese believes that shark bone marrow has healing capabilities such as healing joints. It is believed that shark bone marrow benefits the elderly the most. Hence, instead of buying the famous salted fish of Kuantan, I bought a dozen of shark bones for my family and my in-law family.

Can you spot the white colour shark bone marrow?
Both my mother and mother in-law managed to make the shark bone marrow soup with their own recipes. Sadly, I don’t have any of the recipes but what I can assure you is that the shark bone marrow has a very strong “fishy” smell. If you can get rid of the smell, the soup will taste good.

The shark bones are selling for RM 10 (US$ 3.20) per kilogram last year. It is available at most dried seafood specialty shops in Kuantan town. I will buy more of it again if I travel to Kuantan town again.

3 thoughts on “Buying Shark Bones for Soup in Kuantan Town, MALAYSIA

  1. the elders know the way to get rid of the fishy smell 🙂
    normally I’d buy fish maw, dried scallops, oysters, shrimp, squid.. and salted fish but not shark fish bone!!

  2. U bought a lot of stuffs there Leo. It’s just something new to me so I decided to write about this. Thank you for dropping by.

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