December 11, 2023


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Teeth Whitening at Promjai Dental Clinic, Phuket, THAILAND with ZOOM! Advanced Power

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Teeth Whitening at Promjai Dental Clinic, Phuket, THAILAND with ZOOM! Advanced Power

Never at once in my life that I would dream of getting a teeth whitening procedure. Well, I was off my chair when I was arranged for a teeth whitening session at the dental clinic in Phuket courtesy of Tourism Authority of Thailand. It was part of the Thailand Medical Tourism Experience that I need to cover. It’s hard to believe that Phuket offers dental services and in fact medical tourism in Phuket has been booming in recent years. In fact,the  Bangkok Hospital Phuket is voted as one of the top hospitals in Thailand.

promjai dental 1

Promjai Dental Clinic Patong Beach Phuket

As I mentioned earlier, I had my appointment for my teeth whitening session at Promjai Dental Clinic Patong Beach Phuket. The clinic has a strong history in Bangkok as they have been operating for decades and in Phuket, they have 3 outlets. I went to the Patong Beach outlet which has the best view of the beautiful sunset.

After an interview with the owner, I was told that Promjai Dental Clinic is popular for its highly invested equipments. The owner believes in quality and giving the best for their customers. She believes in delivering the extra comfort in services to her customers.

For teeth whitening, there are 2 popular teeth whitening procedure. The SmileBrite and the Zoom! Teeth whitening procedure. After checking my teeth, the dentist advised me on the Zoom! Teeth whitening procedure. By the way, the dentist was cute.
promjai dental 3

That’s me in the middle of teeth whitening…

For those who is looking forward for teeth whitening, please aware of this. The procedure in most cases will causes stinging sensation in your tooth due to sensitivity. Most Asians will suffer this stinging pain. This includes me. The stinging sensation will come and go but it was all better on the next day. Yet again, this depends on individuality. For most Caucasians, the procedure might not even hurt a bit. This is due to the difference of the teeth structure. You have been warned.

Dentist explaining the Zoom! Teeth Whitening process.

After the Zoom! Teeth whitening procedure, I can’t believe my eyes how white my teeth are. However, it wasn’t pain free. I guess this is called no pain, no gain.  For the procedure it cost 12,000 Baht on actual rice but they do have on-going promotion for 7,500 Baht. Please contact them for more accurate pricing.

promjai dental 4

Overall, it was a great experience having my teeth whiten up in Phuket and I must say the dentist in Promjai Dental Clinic did a great tremendous job. For those who didn’t know about teeth whitening, the teeth can turn back to yellow depending on a person’s lifestyle such as smoking, coffee etc. So far, my tooth is still white but due to overdose of coffee, it’s slightly not so shinny as it used to be. I am also using special whitening tooth paste provided by them.

If you want to have a reliable dental clinic in Phuket, look for Promjai Dental Clinic and the address and contact as below.

Promjai Dental Clinic Phuket Patong Address:

Patong Merlin Hotel, 44 Thaveewong Rd, Patong Beach, Phuket 83150

Tel: 076-294 38102, 09-18934304

Fax: 076-294118

Email: [email protected]


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